What ISO Setting Should I Use With My Digital Camera?

ISO? What does that even mean? The best and easiest way I like to describe it is like this…

Remember when you would purchase film at the grocery store? They would have 100 speed, 400 speed, 800 speed, etc. The ISO provides your camera with the amount of light you need on your camera’s image sensor for digital cameras and film for, well film cameras.

If it’s sunny outside, you don’t need extra help with light. The light source you are using is already provided…the SUN! But as the day goes on, it can get cloudy or evening time comes around and you lose that light. So what do you need to do to give your camera more light? Answer-Increase your light source by increasing your ISO.

I know it can be confusing, so I made this ISO CHEAT SHEET for you. When I first learned about my camera, it took me a while to put all the steps together. I’m hoping this form will help it all make more sense.

For example, if it’s sunny outside around 10 am, you would set your ISO to 100. Then, in the same day, as the sun goes down, say around 6 pm, you would raise your ISO to 400-800.

Let me also remind you, the ISO, shutter speed, and aperture (f-stop) all work together to make an even exposed photograph. If you’d like to learn more about how to shoot with your digital camera, I’d love to teach you at my DSLR Workshop!

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ISO cheat sheet.jpg

Need ideas on what to photograph? Take a look below to get you started.

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