My Sister.Texas Photographer

*Update: Here is a little note Danica wrote on her blog: "Our dear friend and sister, Cristy Cross, took our pictures last week. We had SUCH a blast doing them too. When she put some up on her blog, I called her and we both ended up in tears! I think it was just overwhelming to see how Cristy captured all the elements of our family - quirky, fun, loving, and enamored with God's world. It was also so overwhelming to see the kids and how big they are, and especially to see our feet next to a picture of Russia. It just hit me, the verse from Romans, that talks about how beautiful the feet are of the ones who bring the good news of Jesus Christ to those around them. It is a special picture because we pray every night that God would use us to reach everyone around us, whether it be our neighbors across the street or our "neighbors" around the world. We are trying to raise our kids with a real consciousness that they are a part of a big world, with many people, who God pursues with His great and relentless love. Thanks, sis, for such a special time! These pictures mean so much to us." Okay okay! So this session was SUPER special for me. This family is my second family. Danica has been my big sister ever since I was a junior in high school. She and her sister took me in as a little sister (and I have no sisters so I loved it). She fulfilled my dream of having a sister :) Not only that, but she has been a great big sister and a wonderful role model for me. Her and her husband Greg, have been so inspiring to Ben and I and we love them so much. They were missionaries for Campus Crusade for Christ in Russia for many years and I didn't get to see her much and now she lives almost 2 hours away rather than 26 hrs (or whatever the distance was). I know she misses Russia, but I am gonna be selfish here and say I don't want them to go back :) But God does what he does and I'm cool with that. There kids call us Aunt Cristy and Uncle Ben, and sometimes Benson's mom and dad. We love there kids and we love that our kids love to play with each other. Recently we've been over and joined in on dance parties that consist of all three kids and all four adults. Max (their little boy) has got some mad skills! And little Marlys and Benson do their cute baby dances.

As I was working on these images I kept wanting to call Danica saying, 'Oh you're gonna love this one." And I'd talk myself out of it because if I just kept going then she'd get to see them sooner. But then I'd work on the next one and wanted to call her again. I started tearing up when I was looking at the close up shot of her and Greg, because it was so sweet and SO them.

Okay, well I better publish these so you can all see them! Love love love these with all of my heart.