2010 Christmas Cards Now Available!

This year we are offering lots of fun styles for your Christmas cards! Do you  do Christmas cards? Yes! I most definitely do with the help from  fabulous templates I pick out with my clients in mind. What size do you offer? 5x7 flat cardstock (this gives you two sides) and 5x7 vertical folded cardstock (this gives you 4 sides)

What kind of finish is the card? Three options-semi-gloss, recycled paper, and pearl uv coated How much do they cost? 5x7 flat cards start at $60 for a package of 25 cards (2 sideds) 5x7 folded cards start at $100 for a package of 25 cards (4 sides)

Can I customize my cards?

The colors and wording can be changed to customize your family.  The design of the card cannot be changed

How do I go about ordering my Christmas cards?

Great!  I'm glad you are ready to order.  All you need to do is decide which images you want on your card.

Then, email me with the amount of cards you want and the image numbers.

You may also call me with this information or come over and we'll order them together.

575.219.9312  cristy@cristycross.comstyle_1_backzariktas






style_3_frontbagwell front (folded card)style_3_insidebagwellmiddle style_3_backbagwell





style_4_frontrtfront (folded card)

style_4_insidertmiddle spread (folded card)

style_4_backrtback (folded card)

style_1_frontrtfront (folded card)

style_1_insidertmiddle spread (folded card)

style_1_backrtback (folded card)

style_4_frontvfront (flat card)

style_4_backvback (flat card)