7 years of blessings

On Sunday, August 16, 2009 Ben and I celebrated 7 years of marriage :) One of our traditions we like to do is watch our wedding video. Its so awesome to look back at our wedding SEVEN years ago (hard to believe) and be reminded of what great blessings we've had in our lives together. Its also a great reminder of how a wife and husband should be towards one another. Our minister (good 'ol Russ Murphy) said the wife should be an encourager and the husband a protector and provider. I know Ben has been both a protector and provider for me and our son. He is a hard worker and a still makes time for us and always has and I know always will. I hope that I have been a good encourager to Ben. I know for year numero 8 I am making that my goal as a wife; to be an encourager and give affirmation every day in some way or another. Recently Ben was telling me that he is thankful for me being his wife, but I also want to say thank you Ben for being my husband. Not only is he the BEST husband, but he is also the BEST dad to our son. As we watched the wedding video Benson was in the living room with us and we never even thought that one day we would be sharing this with our baby boy. Life is so special and sweet and I just can't praise God enough. (giving God a big MUAH right now)bencristydating-blog This was one of our first dates. We were very new at dating, but were officially boyfriend and girlfriend at this point :) We had just been to a LeeAnn Womack concert that sadly got rained out. Our friend Jay Reed took this picture for us, and it is one of my very very very favorite pictures of ALL times of me and Benny.