Ansley and Zo.Wedding

Zo and Ansley have been dating on and off since jr. high, and they are finally married.  Yay! More pictures added so scroll on down! Ansley and Zo I'm so excited for your adventure ahead.  Your videographer asked if I would give advice on how to have a happy marriage on tape.  I said as long as you keep God first in everything you do, your life will be blessed beyond belief.  There is nothing better than letting God take hold of your marriage because he WILL bless  you more than you could ever imagine.

Much love Ansley and Zo..... Cristyimg_2692-blogimg_2700-blogimg_2701-blog

I love Ansley's reaction when she first sees Zo...sweet tearsazk_1764-blog

I sort of have a thing for blurry visionazk_1793-blog

Ansley you couldn't be MORE stunning!azk_1840-blog

I didn't ask what was said, but Zo whispered a little something something to his sweet soon-to-be wifeyazk_1830-blog

Ansley and I have known each other since she was in jr. high and I was in high school.  We've gone on a couple mission youth trips and I've seen her grow from a sweet young lady to a wise young woman.  The two girls on the far right were also in the youth group with Ansley and I and I love them so.  Such sweet awesome girls. oxoxoxazk_2136-blog

Umm if you know these fellas, you know you probably don't want to know what they were saying.  Funny group of guys that had Lauren Zaffos and I laughing.azk_1952-blog