Art Show Opening Night.Clovis Wedding Photographer

Eula Mae Edwards Museum will feature my art show, Pretend tonight from 5:30-7:30 MST. I hope to see you there.eula-mae-edwards-museum-featuring-clovis-wedding-photographer-cristy-cross

Artist Bio: My name is Cristy Cross and I am a photographer. For the last five years I have operated a business called Cristy Cross Photography based out of Clovis, New Mexico. My journey to become a photographer/business owner has been such a blessing. Growing up in West Texas I was always interested in art and creativity. My interest in photography started in high school. Following high school, I enrolled in college and obtained a degree in photography from Texas Tech University. My work as a photographer has allowed me to travel much of the country and broaden my horizon. At Cristy Cross Photography, I provide photography services for weddings, high school senior portraits, family sessions, commercial work, etc.

Statement of Work:

Thank you for visiting my “PRETEND” exhibit. As you look around the gallery, I hope that you find joy in my work. The ideas for these pictures have come to me through childhood memories. As a child, we create dreamy ideas, whimsical moments and pretend we are something we are not. These are memories that make me smile and inspire me. You see, I have always loved to pretend. I had a box of “play clothes” that contained magical items (mostly my Mom’s outfits from her younger days). I would dress in high heels, shaws, dresses and hats. Many days I was a princess or a flowerchild or sometimes I just wanted to wear them while I played in the mud. Fast forward to my adult years and I find myself wanting to recreate some of these memories, by asking my friends if they will dress up and pretend with me. The “pretend” project started with the Gypsy series, then came the Hippie, Alice in Wonderland and finally Bohemian Bride. Each character has pieces of me and is in some way a throw back to my pretend time as a child. Doing these photo shoots gave me the opportunity to further tune my photography skills. It was also a fun outlet to exercise creativity. Each shoot took significant set up time, most notable in the Alice in Wonderland series. I received much help and support during these shoots and I thank all that were involved.

Thank you Gina Shelley, and Clovis Community College for the honor and for asking me to present my work in your gallery.