Benson's First Day of School

Benson's first day of school...I had to do a little photo shoot of him for his first day back to school. He looked so cute. He was so happy. I had to capture this excitement! He is so thrilled to be going to school today. For one, he gets to ride in daddy's jeep and he LOVES that. He has been wanting to start back to school ever since we did the Back 2 School mini-sessions a couple of weeks ago. His teachers this year are so sweet and he is going to learn Spanish! I am so excited, because he is so excited. I pray his first day continues with this excitement. I can't wait to watch him learn and grow this year. My heart explodes with happiness just thinking of how much he will learn this year at school. I am filled with mixed emotions, because this also means he is getting bigger, and will be five in February, and then before I know it he will be in kindergarten. BUT, I need to not even go down that road yet. I need to take it in, and just let time stand still as he attends his second year of preschool. Oh, happy days.