Cristy Cross Photography's New Logo

After six years of having the same logo, I have decided to make a change. This logo fits me better as the person I am today. The forward C and backward C represent my name, and the cross in the middle symbolizes my last name. Thanks to my dear friend, Whitney Green for her graphic design skills. She has patiently worked with me on this project for the past 4 1/2 months.  I wanted it to be perfect ans she delivered just that and then some.  Thank you Whitney.  You are wonderful, and I'm glad God gave you your talents. Check out my website, blog, and cart (cart can only be viewed on a desktop or laptop) to see the updated logo in use.

I've turned into a Foodie

Last week I made a yummy dish from Clean Eating Magazine. It was full of veggies, protein, fiber and straight up goodness. Chicken, Butternut Squash and Sage Pasta

"Whole-wheat pasta, squash and spinach combine to provide an impressive 11 grams of fiber (per serving) of this scrumptious dish. Dietary fiber is a key component to a healthy diet-it helps keep you feeling full and satiated, aids in regulating  your blood sugar levels and even works to keep your cholesterol levels in check." -Clean Eating Magazine, January/February 2014 Foodie Shots  taken by Clovis Portrait Photographer Cristy Cross_0022.jpg Foodie Shots  taken by Clovis Portrait Photographer Cristy Cross_0023.jpg

On Super Bowl Sunday I decided we were having "good for us" snacks. I mean why not? Just because it is good for you doesn't mean it has to be gross.

So I went searching after seeing several dishes posted by and I found this one from their website.

Smashed Steak Skewers with Cherry Barbecue Sauce Foodie Shots  taken by Clovis Portrait Photographer Cristy Cross_0024.jpg

Then I found another one from Clean Eating Magazine online.

Jalepeno Poppers They use cornmeal, but I opted for almond meal instead, because the only ones I could find in my local grocery stores weren't clean. Foodie Shots  taken by Clovis Portrait Photographer Cristy Cross_0025.jpg Foodie Shots  taken by Clovis Portrait Photographer Cristy Cross_0026.jpg

And finally, I made a dish that was favored only by me. And that's okay. I didn't expect it to be liked by all. That just meant more for me,right?

"Devils on Horsback" (not sure how it got it's name)

They are prunes with almond nut cheese. (it calls for macadamia nut cheese, but I didn't have any macadamias) Nut cheese is similar to ricotta :) These are alsow from, but I could only find them here. Foodie Shots  taken by Clovis Portrait Photographer Cristy Cross_0027.jpg Foodie Shots  taken by Clovis Portrait Photographer Cristy Cross_0028.jpg

As I watch the snow fall outside my window, I'm thinking I need to make a warm soup to go with this cold weather. The food exploration continues.

We Took a Trip

Last week we took a trip to Lincoln, New Mexico. It's a cute town that I never really knew exsisted. We relaxed, explored, and went on mini-adventures. We even saw a baby deer 10 feet from us, and elk up in the mountains (or really big hills) behind the place we were staying.Thanks to our sweet friends, the Garrett's for letting us stay at their home away from home. Family Trip to Lincoln, New Mexico_0002.jpg Family Trip to Lincoln, New Mexico_0003.jpg Family Trip to Lincoln, New Mexico_0004.jpg Family Trip to Lincoln, New Mexico_0005.jpg Family Trip to Lincoln, New Mexico_0006.jpg Family Trip to Lincoln, New Mexico_0007.jpg Family Trip to Lincoln, New Mexico_0008.jpg Family Trip to Lincoln, New Mexico_0009.jpg Family Trip to Lincoln, New Mexico_0010.jpg Family Trip to Lincoln, New Mexico_0011.jpg Family Trip to Lincoln, New Mexico_0012.jpg Family Trip to Lincoln, New Mexico_0013.jpg Family Trip to Lincoln, New Mexico_0014.jpg Family Trip to Lincoln, New Mexico_0015.jpg Family Trip to Lincoln, New Mexico_0027.jpg Family Trip to Lincoln, New Mexico_0017.jpg Family Trip to Lincoln, New Mexico_0016.jpg Family Trip to Lincoln, New Mexico_0018.jpg Family Trip to Lincoln, New Mexico_0022.jpg Family Trip to Lincoln, New Mexico_0026.jpg Family Trip to Lincoln, New Mexico_0019.jpg Family Trip to Lincoln, New Mexico_0020.jpg Family Trip to Lincoln, New Mexico_0021.jpg Family Trip to Lincoln, New Mexico_0023.jpg Family Trip to Lincoln, New Mexico_0024.jpg Family Trip to Lincoln, New Mexico_0025.jpg

Blueberry Almond Smoothie.My Favorite

This is my all time favorite smoothie when I'm not making spinach smoothies. It is kind of amazing. Do yourself a favor and try this blueberry almond smoothie. blueberry almond smoothie_0002.jpg blueberry almond smoothie_0001.jpg blueberry almond smoothie_0003.jpg


1 cup almond milk

1/2 cup frozen blueberries

1/4 frozen banana

1/2 tbsp almond butter

1 scoop vanilla protein powder


Blend all ingredients in a blender, and then drink up!

And supposedly blueberries reduce belly fat, so hey, I'm on board.

I found this recipe here.

Happy 4th of July Popsicles

Happy 4th of July! We made popsicles and wanted to share our simple recipe. Happy 4th of July Popsicles by Cristy Cross Photography_0001.jpg

4th of July Pops:

Almond Milk Unsweeted Red food coloring Blue food coloring Popsicle maker

Happy 4th of July Popsicles by Cristy Cross Photography_0005.jpg

Pour almond milk into three different cups, about 1/2 full on each cup. One for red, blue, and one white-plain almond milk. Combine food dye and almond milk

Happy 4th of July Popsicles by Cristy Cross Photography_0006.jpg Pour the first color, then let it set for 5-7 minutes in the mold inside the freezer. Each mold may vary. The mold I used is a Zoku Quick Pop and can be bought at Williams-Sonoma.

Once the layer is frozen you can pour your next layer. Repeat until you've reached the top.

The kids enjoyed it, and it was healthy all at the same time. Happy 4th of July Popsicles by Cristy Cross Photography_0002.jpg Happy 4th of July Popsicles by Cristy Cross Photography_0003.jpg Happy 4th of July Popsicles by Cristy Cross Photography_0004.jpg

I think I turned into a foodie

What is a foodie anyway?A foodie seeks new food experiences as a hobby rather than simply eating out for convenience or hunger. A person who has a refined interest in food.

I really love to cook. I find it so interesting how different types of food paired together can be so wonderful, not to mention it is relaxing.

By cooking all of these meals, my kids, husband and I have all been eating way more veggies as apart of our everyday meals.  And I promise you, they really do taste good.

Here are some of my creations since May. Food by Cristy_0002.jpg Food by Cristy_0003.jpg Food by Cristy_0004.jpg Food by Cristy_0005.jpg Food by Cristy_0006.jpg Food by Cristy_0007.jpg Food by Cristy_0008.jpg Food by Cristy_0009.jpg Food by Cristy_0010.jpg

Salty Tots Leggings

I recently discovered this cute little etsy shop and felt it was only right to share. They have the cutest prints for boys and girls.The leggings are my favorite, but you need to check out the rest of their collections too.

I ordered the triangle fox print for Liam and I can't wait for them to come in!  His thighs are going to look so cute in them :)

Check out Salty City Emporium here Salty Tots Leggings_0018.jpg

Art Gallery Prints For Sale

I am excited to announce my Art Gallery prints are for sale. They are a collection of different photographs I have taken amongst my journey as a photographer. I will gradually be adding in more as time goes by and new trips are made. The square photographs were taken with my holga camera using 120 film, and the rest are digital prints.

Photographs taken in:

Aspen, Colorado

New York City

Yellowstone Park

Royal Gorge Park

Lubbock, Tx

Clovis, NM

Texas Hill Country

Bernalillo, NM


Have a look at my collection here. Cristy Cross Photography Art Gallery_0021.jpg

Liam.One Month

Liam will be one month old this week. The image on the left is one week old, image on the right is one month old

William's Woodland Nursery Theme

*Update* Williams room is being featured on On to Baby! Check it out:

Our little boy, William (Liam) Weaver Cross will be here soon. His room is all ready for him and our entire family is trying to be patient and not too anxious as we wait for his arrival.  Take a tour of our little ones room while you wait with us.

Trees and bird wall decals:


yellow and orange fox pillows:

deer pillow:

wooden deer head:

mobile animals: Anthropologie Christmas ornaments (hedgehog, fox, and squirrel) Coldwater Creek (raccoon, skunk, beaver)

Iron "W": Coyote Candle in Lubbock, TX

baby crib: jenny lind style, 30 + years old (used to be mine when I was a baby)

brown rocking chair: BabysRus (4 years ago)

super cool yellow lamp: a sweet friend gave it to us

Eula Mae Edwards Gallery and Museum

Back in May my art work, titled "Pretend" was featured at the Eula Mae Edwards Gallery and Museum for two months, and it was such an honor.Thanks for all who joined in on the opening day and celebrated with my family and I. We felt so blessed to have you there with us.

Benson has an announcement!

I've been absent here and there and I promise I have a good excuse. REALLY! Look below and Benson's shirt will tell all.

I am currently 13 weeks pregnant and due in February. We have been blessed and couldn't be happier. Benson is learning a little bit about his new title as a big brother, and having a baby in mommies belly. When we asked him whats in mommies tummy he said, "a tiger". Gotta love that kid. He comes up with the cutest stuff. He even put a baby doll in my shirt the other day, and said "look baby in mommies tummy." Its really cute, because he is really starting to get it.

I have had a good 1st trimester. Little queezy and weak, but I know things are looking up and I will be able to keep up with Benson and have my energy back soon. Yesterday I had a session with a family who has a cute two year old. I was sore after the session, because I haven't been that active in a while :) I have to eat every two hours or I become a Preg-zilla. Its true.

We are so excited and we can't wait to find out what we are having in a month or so! Stay tuned and we'll let ya know too.

Art Show Opening Night.Clovis Wedding Photographer

Eula Mae Edwards Museum will feature my art show, Pretend tonight from 5:30-7:30 MST. I hope to see you there.eula-mae-edwards-museum-featuring-clovis-wedding-photographer-cristy-cross

Artist Bio: My name is Cristy Cross and I am a photographer. For the last five years I have operated a business called Cristy Cross Photography based out of Clovis, New Mexico. My journey to become a photographer/business owner has been such a blessing. Growing up in West Texas I was always interested in art and creativity. My interest in photography started in high school. Following high school, I enrolled in college and obtained a degree in photography from Texas Tech University. My work as a photographer has allowed me to travel much of the country and broaden my horizon. At Cristy Cross Photography, I provide photography services for weddings, high school senior portraits, family sessions, commercial work, etc.

Statement of Work:

Thank you for visiting my “PRETEND” exhibit. As you look around the gallery, I hope that you find joy in my work. The ideas for these pictures have come to me through childhood memories. As a child, we create dreamy ideas, whimsical moments and pretend we are something we are not. These are memories that make me smile and inspire me. You see, I have always loved to pretend. I had a box of “play clothes” that contained magical items (mostly my Mom’s outfits from her younger days). I would dress in high heels, shaws, dresses and hats. Many days I was a princess or a flowerchild or sometimes I just wanted to wear them while I played in the mud. Fast forward to my adult years and I find myself wanting to recreate some of these memories, by asking my friends if they will dress up and pretend with me. The “pretend” project started with the Gypsy series, then came the Hippie, Alice in Wonderland and finally Bohemian Bride. Each character has pieces of me and is in some way a throw back to my pretend time as a child. Doing these photo shoots gave me the opportunity to further tune my photography skills. It was also a fun outlet to exercise creativity. Each shoot took significant set up time, most notable in the Alice in Wonderland series. I received much help and support during these shoots and I thank all that were involved.

Thank you Gina Shelley, and Clovis Community College for the honor and for asking me to present my work in your gallery.