For the Love Workshop.Oregon

Last week I went to a workshop called For the Love. This workshop was a photography workshop where you could come and learn more knowledge and better your skills as a photographer, but most importantly it was a retreat to focus on God and fire up the burner in my Christian walk. This season in my life is busy, and trying to balance work and family has been difficult for me. So, last week I headed up to Oregon and got with God one on one and I feel full again. The group that came to the workshop will now be some dear friends. We cried together, laughed, talked photography and shared two passions in our life-God and photography.It blesses my heart to have met these people. Our instructors Mike Larson and his wife Rachel and Zach and Jody Gray were phenomenal. Their hearts for God is contagious and their photography work is inspiring as well as how they run their successful businesses. Thanks to Ginny Corbett for listening to God and not letting anyone get in the way of putting this workshop on. Ginny has a heart for teaching and she is blessed with those  wonderful skills. She ran the workshop smoothly and I know I can speak for everyone who was there when I say we adore and love you Ginny. God gave you one of the coolest personalities. Thanks for making us laugh, and most of all thanks for getting us out of our comfort zone to get real with God.

Also, gotta say, the worship leaders, Johnathan David Helser and his wife Melissa were like no other. (check out some songs on their website)  They sang with raw emotions and you could feel God's presence. It was by far the best worship time I've had in a long time. Thanks for being real and too for getting us out of our comfort zone and getting real with God.