Cristy Cross Photography's New Logo

After six years of having the same logo, I have decided to make a change. This logo fits me better as the person I am today. The forward C and backward C represent my name, and the cross in the middle symbolizes my last name. Thanks to my dear friend, Whitney Green for her graphic design skills. She has patiently worked with me on this project for the past 4 1/2 months.  I wanted it to be perfect ans she delivered just that and then some.  Thank you Whitney.  You are wonderful, and I'm glad God gave you your talents. Check out my website, blog, and cart (cart can only be viewed on a desktop or laptop) to see the updated logo in use.

I've turned into a Foodie

Last week I made a yummy dish from Clean Eating Magazine. It was full of veggies, protein, fiber and straight up goodness. Chicken, Butternut Squash and Sage Pasta

"Whole-wheat pasta, squash and spinach combine to provide an impressive 11 grams of fiber (per serving) of this scrumptious dish. Dietary fiber is a key component to a healthy diet-it helps keep you feeling full and satiated, aids in regulating  your blood sugar levels and even works to keep your cholesterol levels in check." -Clean Eating Magazine, January/February 2014 Foodie Shots  taken by Clovis Portrait Photographer Cristy Cross_0022.jpg Foodie Shots  taken by Clovis Portrait Photographer Cristy Cross_0023.jpg

On Super Bowl Sunday I decided we were having "good for us" snacks. I mean why not? Just because it is good for you doesn't mean it has to be gross.

So I went searching after seeing several dishes posted by and I found this one from their website.

Smashed Steak Skewers with Cherry Barbecue Sauce Foodie Shots  taken by Clovis Portrait Photographer Cristy Cross_0024.jpg

Then I found another one from Clean Eating Magazine online.

Jalepeno Poppers They use cornmeal, but I opted for almond meal instead, because the only ones I could find in my local grocery stores weren't clean. Foodie Shots  taken by Clovis Portrait Photographer Cristy Cross_0025.jpg Foodie Shots  taken by Clovis Portrait Photographer Cristy Cross_0026.jpg

And finally, I made a dish that was favored only by me. And that's okay. I didn't expect it to be liked by all. That just meant more for me,right?

"Devils on Horsback" (not sure how it got it's name)

They are prunes with almond nut cheese. (it calls for macadamia nut cheese, but I didn't have any macadamias) Nut cheese is similar to ricotta :) These are alsow from, but I could only find them here. Foodie Shots  taken by Clovis Portrait Photographer Cristy Cross_0027.jpg Foodie Shots  taken by Clovis Portrait Photographer Cristy Cross_0028.jpg

As I watch the snow fall outside my window, I'm thinking I need to make a warm soup to go with this cold weather. The food exploration continues.

Art Gallery Prints For Sale

I am excited to announce my Art Gallery prints are for sale. They are a collection of different photographs I have taken amongst my journey as a photographer. I will gradually be adding in more as time goes by and new trips are made. The square photographs were taken with my holga camera using 120 film, and the rest are digital prints.

Photographs taken in:

Aspen, Colorado

New York City

Yellowstone Park

Royal Gorge Park

Lubbock, Tx

Clovis, NM

Texas Hill Country

Bernalillo, NM


Have a look at my collection here. Cristy Cross Photography Art Gallery_0021.jpg

Powdered Donuts and Benson

Last night Ben gave Benson a powdered donut and the boy loved it. We didn't know how much until bath time. Ben was singing, and Benson was non-stop dancing for about 10 minutes. Taking breaks in between to shovel water through his legs while standing, and then to hold on the the bar in the tub to do a stomp dance. It was some of the best entrainment I've ever witnessed. Crying to the point of tears and I even got it on video. Can't show it to the public though because it contains a little nudity :) And then today, he put on his helmet, and instantly wanted to ride is tricycle. I love that he pairs the two together. That little brain of his is ticking away with smartness. instax-scans

Black Friday Shopping

Black Friday Shopping Craziness 15% off your order:

When placing your order of $150 or more using the web gallery shopping cart, you will receive 15% off your order.  Just type blackfriday in the coupon box to receive your discount!

This sale will end Sunday, November 29th so jump on it.

Click here to start shopping with CCP

I promise you won't get trampled. This will be fun, safe shopping. Gauranteed.

Out of the Office.Family and Thanksgiving

I will be away from my computer starting Wednesday-Sunday (November 25-29). My plans are to hang out with my family, maybe go to a movie with Ben, relax and eat some turkey and sides. At our family gatherings on my dads side of the family Thanksgiving is like a pot luck dinner and we are bringing the green bean casserole this year, topping it with extra crunchies...delicious and totally healthy :)I hope everyone has a lovely Thanksgiving and has lots to be thankful for. I am thankful for so many things, but most of all for my salvation, my husband, and our little son. I hold these things dear to my heart.

*And I just noticed the blog has had over 100,000 visitors. I am very thankful for that too! Wowzers!!


I WON!!!

Seriously people I am so overwhelmed with excitement.  I couldn't have done this without each and every one of you that voted.  I am so appreciative and humbled right now.  I did a happy dance with my dog and she was a little freaked out :)  Thanks everyone for your votes.  You are all a blessing to me. Check out the announcement on Kelly's blog here

Studly Couple.New Mexico Photography

I wanted to show off this studly couple from Sundays session. I think they are adorable :)I also want to say thank you for everyone that has voted for me on the Give Me Moore Workshop Contest. The voting is coming to an end on Nov 13th. If you haven't voted, or you have access to more than one computer and you have web access on your phone, please vote for me again (if not for the first time) Just click on this link to vote--> I hope to come back with some great news that I won.  Thanks in advance for your vote.

Now scroll below and take a gander at this sweet couple.tt_0009cblog

I need your vote, pritty please

Hey there friends and family.  I have entered to win a spot to Kelly Moores workshop she's having in January.  The winner is determined on how many votes you get.  The voting starts today and ends on Friday, November 13th at noon.  You are aloud to vote on as many computers as you can.  The voting system only takes one vote per computer so vote on all the computers you have at work and at home :) So, if you would like to vote for me (which I hope you will) please click here. Just look for my name and picture and click on the circle next to my name.  Then, scroll down to the bottom of the voting block and click VOTE!  I really want to thank you in advance for your vote and I will let you know if I win or not.  (hoping I do)  Pass this on to other friends and family that you think might want to vote for me too.  And give them a big hug for as to say thank you.


Imagine that I am giving YOU a big gigantic hug right now.  and if I see you in person I'll make sure to give you a real hug.  thank you thank you thank you.

Fall Session Season and Benson

I am no longer taking sessions for 2009. I am completely booked to the very top for the Fall season. Also,  I am already booking portrait sessions as well as weddings for 2010. If you are interested in a session or wedding in 2010, please send me an email at and I'll get you the information you need.

On another note...Benson is 20 months old. He says giraffe (raff), blue, red, fish, gold fish, and chew chew just to name a few. Oh he also says bath. Its so cute. He also says another word that sounds like the S word. We can't quite figure it out yet, but it cracks us up. We know he's not saying that, but we have no clue what the word is. Here's a sweet picture of our little BB at 20 months. benson20_8024c

Available Portrait Session Dates

***Update: These are the only dates I'm taking for October and November. Clients that have told me you are scheduling a session this fall, but have not yet done so please please book your session soon or there wont' be any spots left.

I have a small amount of openings this fall for sessions. If you are interested in a date below, please call or email me as soon as possible. Thursday, October 29 @ 4 pm-booked Thursday, November 5 at 3:30 pm-booked Saturday, November 7 at 9 am-pending Tuesday, November 10 at 3:30 pm-pending Saturday, November 14 at 9 am-booked Saturday, November 21 at 3:30 pm This date is available only to the McKinney, Tx area. Tuesday, November 24 at 3:30 pm

Makeup days are available due to weather problems. 575.219.9312


I've been wondering the last few days how people know about my blog and how often they visit.  The only people I know that visit are those that leave a comment and when you do, I love going to your website, or blog and checking out your work and leaving comments too.  For the past six months or so my blogs are imported on to my Facebook page and I know some have checked out the blog because of that.  However I took it off of Facebook, because I wanted people to come to the blog and view my pictures there, not just on Facebook and leave a comment on my blog hopefully :)  But maybe that is how some of you know to look at the blog. So all this to say I'm curious as to how you hear about my blog/website and if you like what you see.

What would you like to see more of?

Also, I wanted to say that I wish I wrote more on my sessions, but I really don't do a very good job at it so I keep it short and simple.  Would you like to know more about the sessions or do you really care?

Alrighty then.  I want this blog to not only be about the work I do, but I want it to also be about my clients and bloggers.  So speak up and let me know what you think on the blog topics and posts too.

A picture to part you with of the homemade strawberry ice cream we made a few months back on a hot summer day in our fun Anthropologi bowls :)

summer ice creamHave a fun Monday night!