Couples Session-Idaho Meets Albania-Lubbock, Texas

These beautiful people bid on a portrait session at a silent auction back in the Spring to raise funds for Texas Tech University medical students (Pattie is in medical school herself). I was so pleased to meet them and learn more about them as I took their pictures.She is from Idaho, and he is from Albania. They met in Albania while she was in the Peace Corps and fell in love. The love, the joy, the laughter was oozing out. It was so cute how he looked at her, and it was so cute how she made him feel at ease. I look forward to sharing more. In the meantime, here are some favorites. Couples Session-Idaho meets Albania-Lubbock, Texas taken by Clovis Portrait Photographer Cristy Cross_0001.jpg

West Texas Sunflower Field-Mini Session Benefiting Luke Siegel

Thank you so much to all the people who have purchased a mini session to benefit my cousin, Luke Siegel. It is so touching and sweet and the the Siegel's are so very grateful.Kristin and Rustin Knight are the first up. We went to their sunflower field in Plains, Tx. It was so beautiful. Bees were flying all around and we were a little scared, but we all ended the session unharmed. Thankfully :)

Clovis mini sessions and Lubbock mini sessions are this weekend. I look forward to showing those to you too, so stay tuned. West Texas Sunflower Field Mini Session_0001.jpg West Texas Sunflower Field Mini Session_0002.jpg

Couples Session-A Special Place

Linda is one of my dear friends. We became friends through photography and we now shoot weddings together when we can. It's so much fun shooting with someone you really enjoy :)One day Linda contacted me about shooting a 'just because' session at one of their favorite places. It is the place where Grant proposed to her and it's the place where Grant saw Linda for the first time in her wedding dress on their wedding day. And now almost three years later, we are documenting more memories for them at this special place. Here's a little peek at some of my favorites. I can't wait to share more with you soon. I mean, isn't Linda's smile contagious? The McMillan's Lubbock, Texas Couples Session taken by Clovis Portrait Photographer Cristy Cross_0001.jpg

Barbara and Ross's One Year Anniversary Shoot

Barbara and Ross were headed to Colorado to celebrate their one year anniversary. On their way, they took a detour to little 'ol Clovis, NM for a one year anniversary shoot with their wedding photographer, me :) It meant the world to me that they thought of me to photograph yet another sweet moment in their life.Barbara and Ross, you two are super crazy awesome!

Barbara and Ross's One Year Anniversary Shoot taken by Clovis Wedding Photographer Cristy Cross_0001.jpg

Erica and Fred's Cozy Fall Clovis, New Mexico Couples Shoot

Erica and Fred are a lovely couple that migrated here with the Air Force. She is a photographer in Clovis too, and she took our family pictures when Liam was 3 months old. We love our pictures and the moments she captured for us, and they are near and dear to our hearts. So now it was her turn to be behind the camera with her sweet family. They brought their dog, Charlie and he was super excited about it all. I learned last night that the same tricks I have for kids can also work for dogs. Ha

Carrie and Barrett's Odessa, Texas Couples Session

Back in August I went to Odessa, Texas to hang out and photograph Carrie and Barrett for a 'just because'/'couples' shoot, and they are expecting their first baby...a boy in the Winter.I am so very excited to share the FULL session with you. This is one of my favorites of all times.

We went to the sand dunes in Odessa for their shoot. It was a perfect evening, romantic mood, and lovely light.

Grab a cup of coffee and take a look. That's what I'm about to do.

Carrie and Barrett's Odessa, Texas Couples Session

Carrie and Barrett invited me to make a journey to Odessa, Texas for their Couples Session. On my way, I passed down memory lane as I drove through Tahoka, Texas where I grew up from a baby to 8 years old, and then made frequent visits to see my grandparents. Then I passed by this super awesome sunflower field that was a sea of yellow. So gorgeous! And when I arrived to Carrie and Barrett's they were getting all of their belongings and props ready to go for our sand dune photo shoot. And then after the shoot (I have to brag a little) they bought us dinner from Texas Roadhouse where Carrie use to work. So when I asked her what to get she quoted almost the entire menu. I chose the ribs, with green beans, and sauteed mushrooms. Is your mouth watering yet? Mine is. I also slept in the most comfortable bed, and woke up to yummy cinnamon rolls and fruit. I felt so welcomed :) Thanks Carrie and Barrett!! I just have a few for now that I want to share, but believe me, you will want to come back and see the rest. This couple doesn't take a bad picture, and we have LOTS of awesome shots of these two.

Dusty and Jay's Super Sweet Spring Couples Photoshoot and Workshop

Last Saturday I gave a one-on-one workshop with Leah Burgett. We talked about specific questions she had with posing, lighting, and composition and then we got to photograph this cute couple, Dusty and Jay. The one thing I didn't do and wish I would have was to take a picture of Leah. She looked beautiful that day!

If you are a interested in a one-one-one workshop, contact me at

This was my first time doing a workshop and I really enjoyed it. I was so humbled when Leah asked if I would do one. I enjoyed sharing my knowledge I've learned over the past 12 years I've been doing photography since attending and graduating from Texas Tech with my photography degree, and then the knowledge I've learned from having my own business the last 5 1/2 years. Not only do I want to teach others, but while I did this with Leah I also learned some great information myself.

Thanks Leah for contacting me and wanting to do this. It was so much fun. And thanks Dusty and Jay for being available to be models. You did perfect! I love how much you laughed, and smiled. It makes me smile when I look through your pictures :)

First One-on-One Session

Today was a humbling day. I had my first one-on-one session where I taught someone about the way I do photography. How I pose, use my light, and compose my subjects. It was a blast, and I want to do it again! Thanks Leah Burgett for a wonderful time. You are an awesome photographer, and a beautiful woman.

Heres a peek at our beautiful models we got to photograph today...Dusty and Jay

Also, a HUGE thanks to Holly Stockstill with Coldwell Banker in Clovis, NM for getting us access to this beautiful location.

Clovis Wedding Photographer.Anjelica and Andy.Engaged

Congratulations Anjelica and Andy! They are a fabulous couple and are getting married next month. Woohoo!!

Snyder Texas Wedding.Eric and Whitney

You gotta love Texas on a super hot day-not really, but I did love Eric and Whitney's wedding!The image on the left is just one of the many great finds Whitney found as she explored for vintage, and antique pieces for their wedding decor. The image on the right is one of my favorites. They were giving each other their gifts and Whitney teared up as she opened the heart shaped locket Eric had given her.