2011 Christmas Cards Available

Do you offer Christmas cards?Yes! I most definitely do with the help from fabulous templates I pick out with my clients in mind.

What size do you offer? 5×7 flat cardstock (this gives you two sides)

Examples below

What kind of finish is the card? recycled paper

How much do they cost? 5×7 flat cards start at $65 for a package of 25 cards (2 sideds)

Can I customize my cards?

The colors and wording can be changed to customize your family. The design of the card cannot be changed

How do I go about ordering my Christmas cards?

Great! I’m glad you are ready to order. All you need to do is decide which design you want, and images you choose.

You can place your order with me at your Ordering and Viewing Session, or call me to place your order.

575.219.9312 cristy@cristycross.com

Is there a cut off date?

Yes. If you are want them all sent out by mid-December, please have your orders in to me no later than *November 26th!*

After that there is no guarantee.

How long does it take to get them in?

7-10 business days-this allows time for custom work, printing and shipping

Where will they be delivered?

First to me, then to you

This way I can make sure your order is super duper correct.

Order your 2011 Christmas Cards HERE