Product Spotlight: Portrait LookBook

Every year I drive out to the Schaap families house near their dairy and shoot a family session. Every year I am blessed by their generosity, kindness and sincere friendship. One of the coolest parts of my job is watching families grow up. Watching their kids go from a little six month old baby to a nine year old. My job as a portrait photographer is to document these growing families and then give them a product to help store these memories. One of those products is a lookbook. It is a hand-crafted 8.5x11 coffee table book with 30 pages and various linen cover color options. I design each lookbook to fit each session. I photograph these family sessions in various angles and groupings with the idea that a lookbook would be a final product. My most favorite pose are close-up connections bewtween the family. For example, mom hugging on her daughter while walking down the dairy road, or big brother putting his arm around his little sister. Sweet moments.Here is a peek into the Schaap families lookbook. Schaap Lookbook 2015 Portrait Session by Clovis Portrait Photographer Cristy Cross_0004.jpg Schaap Lookbook 2015 Portrait Session by Clovis Portrait Photographer Cristy Cross_0005.jpg Schaap Lookbook 2015 Portrait Session by Clovis Portrait Photographer Cristy Cross_0006.jpg Schaap Lookbook 2015 Portrait Session by Clovis Portrait Photographer Cristy Cross_0007.jpg Schaap Lookbook 2015 Portrait Session by Clovis Portrait Photographer Cristy Cross_0008.jpg Schaap Lookbook 2015 Portrait Session by Clovis Portrait Photographer Cristy Cross_0009.jpg Schaap Lookbook 2015 Portrait Session by Clovis Portrait Photographer Cristy Cross_0012.jpg Schaap Lookbook 2015 Portrait Session by Clovis Portrait Photographer Cristy Cross_0013.jpg Schaap Lookbook 2015 Portrait Session by Clovis Portrait Photographer Cristy Cross_0010.jpg Schaap Lookbook 2015 Portrait Session by Clovis Portrait Photographer Cristy Cross_0011.jpg

My Birthday Week!

My birthday is this Sunday, and I love celebrating birthdays and getting gifts (haha) and giving gifts too. Oh and eating cake. Or cookies, or any dessert strawberry related.So I was thinking, "I want to give a gift to someone." And I instantly thought of the beautiful 5x5 prints from Artifact Uprising, which includes 25 prints. They are my most favorite product I purchase from them.  The photographs are printed on a thick cardstock and are super sturdy.

How can you enter to win your 25 free prints? Follow these directions.

Follow me on Facebook: Follow me on Instagram:

If you already follow me on both Instagram and Facebook, then leave a comment on my Facebook page saying "I want to win." :)

To qualify, you have to follow me at both locations. That's pretty simple right?

I will make the announcement of the winner on Sunday, May 15th-my birthday :)

Teacher Gift Ideas

So as school is ending, I am trying to think of the perfect gifts for Benson's teachers. They have been incredible this year, and I couldn't have asked for better ones. I know God put him in this classroom for a reason, and Ben and I have loved watching Benson grow in his character as well as intillectually. He is one smart cookie with a super sweet heart.

One idea we are doing is giving them a Cristy Cross Photography gift card.

This is also available to you to purchase for your childs teacher. Contact me at 575.219.9312 or if you would like to give one to your super awesome teacher too.

They can use it towards a portrait session for their family or towards any products CCP offers.

Happy Monday!

cristycrossphotography_gift card_0001.jpg

Product Spotlight.Portrait LookBooks

I love the LookBooks my clients invest in.Take a look at the high school senior LookBook samples below.

Product Spotlight.Portrait Digital Negatives

Do I offer digital negatives?Yes I do. I like to make digital negatives available for those crafty, gift giving clients (especially around Christmas time).

Do I think you should only order digital negatives? No way!! Portrait digital negatives should only accompany your print order. If you only purchased the negatives, then there is a chance you would never print them. Its true! I have clients that have confessed this to me, and that makes me sad. You must must must purchase prints from me to FULLY enjoy your photographs.

So after you make your print order, please fill free to purchase the digital negatives.  They are great for making multiple gifts for parents and grandparents this Christmas season!

Fall Family Sessions and Christmas Cards

Families are booking their sessions for the Fall already people, and I can't believe it. So, what are you going to do with these family pictures?  Most people purchase Christmas cards as well as gift prints for family, and wall prints for their own home. Deadline for family sessions wanting Christmas cards or gift prints is November 17th!

Interested in booking a family session? It's easy, just click here to purchase your family session.  Then we will work on the details (dates, outfits, location,etc)

Carter Family LookBook

Thank you Carter family for ordering your lovely LookBook. A LookBook is the perfect item to help tell a story about your family.

Madi's Class of 2013 LookBook

Madi's LookBook just came in! Here is a peek of what's inside.

Kristen and Jacob's Wedding Album

I just loved this Oklahoma City wedding! And I love telling the story of Kristen and Jacob's wedding day in an album. They are coming up on their one year anniversary next month! Congratulations to you.

Carly's LookBook.Class 2012

Check out Carly's LookBook. Along with her print order, Carly added a LookBook, which is designed to tell a story from her high school senior photo shoot.This is one of the best ways to keep all of those memories!

Sunny and Jordan's Wedding Album

One of the best parts about a wedding is getting to tell a story of that sweet day in an album. For example, Sunny and Jordan's wedding...

2012 High School Senior Announcement Cards

Take a look at the high school senior announcement cards for this year. Do you offer graduation announcement cards? Yes! I most definitely do with the help from fabulous templates I pick out with my clients in mind.

What size do you offer?

You have two options...

-5×7 flat cardstock printed on recycled paper

-5x5 trifold cardstock printed on recycled paper

Examples below

What kind of finish is the card? recycled paper

How much do they cost? 5×7 flat cards start at $65 for a package of 25 cards (2 sideds)

5x5 trifold cards start at $130 for a package of 25 cards (6 sided card)

Can I customize my cards?

Some of the  colors and wording can be changed to customize your card. The design of the card cannot be changed.

How do I go about ordering my graduation announcement cards?

Great! I’m glad you are ready to order. All you need to do is decide which design you want, and images you choose.

You can place your order with me at your Ordering and Viewing Session, through your web gallery, or over the phone and email.


Is there a cut off date?

Yes. If you want them all sent out by first of May, please have your orders in to me no later than *Friday, April20th!*

How long does it take to get them in?

7-10 business days-this allows time for custom work, printing and shipping

Where will they be delivered?

First to me, then to you

This way I can make sure your order is super duper correct.

Whitney and Eric's Vintage DIY Wedding Album

Whitney and Eric's wedding album turned out so great. I love the color she selected for the cover. It follows the theme of her Vintage DIY Wedding.Take a look here to see their wedding.

Lindsey and Kelby's Wedding Guest Sign In Book.Products

Lindsey and Kelby ordered a guest sign-in book for their wedding day. I can't wait for their guests to sign the book and see the engagement shots we took back in the summer.They are getting married June 2nd and it will be here before we know it!

Holiday Cards

I am working on Christmas cards already. Here is one example of the Christmas cards this year. Colors can be changed.More to come... View them as front, middle, and back

Contact me for

Carrie and Barrett.maids and men

Introducing the maids and men from Carrie and Barrett's wedding and the little flower girl and ring bearer that were too adorable for words.weddingpartycollagelittlekids Flower gilrs outfit was all from Etsy. Hair piece, dress and shoes. All handmade for this sweet little princess. Also, Carrie and her family handmade the pillow, boutonnieres and bouquets.

Selling Digital Negatives

I am selling the digital negatives for portrait sessions I did in 2006 and 2007 for $100. That is a $200 discount (originally $300). I am also selling digital negatives for weddings I did in 2006 and 2007 for $300.  That is a $400 discount (originally $700).

If you are not sure what year your session was in, send me an email and I'll check for you.  If you know of someone that has had pictures with me, let them know if this good deal, too.

Please email or call to place your order.


Or you can fill out the contact form on the blog.