Star of the Month.Aimee

Aimee and I go way back. Way way back. We grew up together at church when we were elementary school age, were in each others weddings, and have been friends ever since. Now we get to watch each other grow as a family.I chose Aimee as the Star of the Month (or Star of every 3-months because I haven't done it in a while), because she has left tons of comments on my blog and she also inspires me and encourages me as a friend and as an artist. She too is quite the creative gal. She just recently stopped working as a handbag designer for Fossil to be a mommy to her and her husbands sweet baby girl.  The two purses I've carried for 2 years have been from her.  She also is a great illustrator with stationaries and press printed items.  She sews, screen prints, and decorates.  You can check out her blog here and stay up on the latest styles.


Looking for my next Star of the Month

It is time for another Star of the Month. I am looking for someone who is a client of Cristy Cross Photography and who leaves comments on the blog frequently.Those are the two main things that qualify you for Star of the Month. Check out the two other stars, Katy and Brianna.

Whose it gonna be? And this picture has nothing to do with the Star of the Month, but I wanted to post it because its pretty :)img_1498blog

Star of the Month.Bri Saban

I took family pictures for Bri Saban this past June. I had a fabulous time with her family and ever since taking pictures for her, we have been in touch every week in some way or another. She is a fun spunky momma with a sweet and caring heart. You will see what I'm talking about as you read her answers below.Thanks Bri for being a devoted blogger as well as a sweet friend and encourager. You are wonderful and I think your family is pretty darn cool :) brisabanblog

Carrie and Barrett.maids and men

Introducing the maids and men from Carrie and Barrett's wedding and the little flower girl and ring bearer that were too adorable for words.weddingpartycollagelittlekids Flower gilrs outfit was all from Etsy. Hair piece, dress and shoes. All handmade for this sweet little princess. Also, Carrie and her family handmade the pillow, boutonnieres and bouquets.

Star of the Month

When I was in elementary we had "Star of the Week", for we were the Preston Smith Stars.  If ya want I can sing the song for you too.  Ben even knows the song because I sing it every now in then and it now sticks in his head :)  Holla holla "Star family".  You know your singing the song right now and sing it proud my friend. I've been thinking of how I can give notice to my wonderful clients who are also regular blog readers and commenters.  And the days of my childhood came to mind.  So, I am having a "Star of the Month" to showcase my wonderful clients.

How do you qualify to be a "Star of the Month"?

1. You have to be a client of mine.  If I've taken your picture, then you are a client.  If you want to be a "Star of the Month", but are not a client-then call me up and lets get somethin' set up :)

2. You must also comment on my blog, not facebook, but the blog  You can comment on any blog entry as many times as you want.  Don't be shy!

3. Ummm, I don't really have a number three but I feel like there should be one.  So #3 is, you have to love your life in some way or another because I'm going to ask fun questions, and I want to see your happiness shine through your answers.

My first "Star of the Month" is Katy Brack.  She is a sweetheart.  She is a friend, a client, and an awesome writer.  I enjoyed very much reading her answers.  I have taken family pictures for her with her immediate family  before she had a baby, and now I've taken pictures of her baby boy as a newborn and at 6 months old.