Kristie Wilson.Makeup Artist

I had the pleasure of working with Kristie Wilson on the Vernon's family shoot and I love her work.Check out the beautiful Amy's before and after shot. She has gorgeous skin without makeup, and with makeup her features are enhanced. Everything looks so even and flawless.

Kristie is available for family, maternity, bridal, and high school senior shoots. You should totally check her out! Contact her for more details: 575-742-8280

The Vernon's Clovis, New Mexico Newborn Family Session taken by Clovis Portrait Photographer Cristy Cross_0012.jpg

2015 Christmas Cards

Do you offer Christmas cards?Yes I do.  Any of the cards below can be mixed and matched with each other.

What size do you offer? 5×7 flat cardstock (this gives you two sides)

Examples below

What kind of finish is the card? recycled paper

How much do they cost? 5×7 flat cards start at $65 for a package of 25 cards (2 sides)

Can I customize my cards?

Some colors and wording can be changed to customize your family. The design of the card cannot be changed.

How do I go about ordering my Christmas cards?

Great! I’m glad you are ready to order. All you need to do is decide which design you want, and images you choose.

You can place your order with me at your Ordering and Viewing Session, or call me to place your order.


Is there a cut off date?

Yes. If you are want them all sent out by mid-December, please have your orders to me no later than *December 1st!*

After December 1st, I cannot guarantee you will be able to mail them out by mid-December.

How long does it take to get them in?

7-10 business days-this allows time for custom work, printing and shipping.

Where will they be delivered?

First to me, then to you.  This way I can make sure your order is super duper correct.

If you live in the Clovis area, you can pick them up at my studio.

Root Beer Milk-A Wedding Treat

Okay ya'll. For the first time ever, I tried root beer milk. I've never heard of it. I've had a root beer float, but never root beer milk. The wedding I shot this weekend was for a family who are dairy farmers. They raise cows for long-term production of milk.So what better treat to personalize your wedding with than root beer milk. I am now a fan. Have you ever tried it? I think it is more of a midwest thing, and you can purchase this at the grocery store all ready packaged. (In some areas), but not where I live) You can also find apple pie milk, orange creme milk, and cotton candy milk at the store. Craziness right? But oh so delicious.

Here is a simple recipe I found for you to try. Make sure everything is icy cold-because it's best that way (so I've been told) And make sure to use whole milk. If it isn't, the drink is to thin.

ROOT BEER MILK 1 cup root beer (not diet) 1/4 cup whol milk

Make sure ingredients are ice cold. Pour each ingredient in to a glass and stir, then drink :)

Whitney and Spencer's Lavender and Green Kansas Wedding taken by Clovis Wedding Photographer Cristy Cross_0002.jpg

Nikki and Logan's Cotton Creek Barn Country Texas Wedding

Ya'll! This couple is so so precious. The joy of the bride and goom and the family members for this marriage was so sweet to witness. Both the bride and groom's moms were crying and the groom couldn't stop smiling, and the bride was so happy tears kept flowing from her eyes.It was a blessed moment for these two families. The groom is my cousin, and it has been so cool to see him grow into the young responsible man he is today. Have fun in Hawaii you two! Nikki and Logan's Cotton Creek Wedding taken by Clovis Wedding Photographer Cristy Cross_0001.jpg Nikki and Logan's Cotton Creek Wedding taken by Clovis Wedding Photographer Cristy Cross_0002.jpg