Clovis New Mexico Wedding Photographer.Klisty and Duffy.Engaged

Tomorrow is the big wonderful day for these two. They are getting married at the Underground Embassy in Clovis New Mexico. It is one of Clovis's coolest places for weddings. I can't wait, because these two are so fun and energetic and the wedding will be the same.Duffy is a local disc jockey and one the locations was at the Chamber of Commerce basement where they have a museum of music history. It has a replica studio where Buddy Holly recorded his music with the sound booth and recording booth as well as radios from the past. Such a cool place! Second location was at Guthels Nursery in Clovis. I LOVE this place and the people who own and work their were so wonderful to let us go in after hours. (Thats what you get when you are with Duffy Moon. A pass to do what every you want :) j/k ) Klisty is one gorgeous girl as you can see below, and I can't wait until she is all gussied up in her wedding dress tomorrow. I also can't wait to do a "Trash the Dress" session with her after the wedding is over!!