Clovis NM Wedding Photographer.Tayley and Cameron

We did Tayley and Cameron's engagement shoot back in the Spring and they got married recently in July. I loved their session. We did something I've never done before; fly in a helicopter to our shoot destination. Cameron is a helicopter pilot with Aero Tech and a great one at that. So, it was very easy to gain access of one :) We flew to the coolest dry lake bed ever and it was windier than ever too. Tayley is so relaxed she didn't care her hair was blowing in the wind. She can do wind too I tell ya. I think it made her look even more beautiful. Word of advice for future engagement session peeps:  If you want shots like I captured below, just flirt it up, be lovey dovey, and show how much you are in love.  That will get you the best engagement pictures ever.

I loved working with you Tayley and Cameron and I wish you all the happiness in the world! If you want to check out some of their wedding images take a look here at Kristi Klemens blog.