Fall Session Season and Benson

I am no longer taking sessions for 2009. I am completely booked to the very top for the Fall season. Also,  I am already booking portrait sessions as well as weddings for 2010. If you are interested in a session or wedding in 2010, please send me an email at cristy@cristycross.com and I'll get you the information you need.

On another note...Benson is 20 months old. He says giraffe (raff), blue, red, fish, gold fish, and chew chew just to name a few. Oh he also says bath. Its so cute. He also says another word that sounds like the S word. We can't quite figure it out yet, but it cracks us up. We know he's not saying that, but we have no clue what the word is. Here's a sweet picture of our little BB at 20 months. benson20_8024c