Family and Art

Back in January we visited my grandma in Tahoka, Tx for our annual New Years Mexican Stacks get-together. I took my camera along with me because I haven't been to Tahoka in several years. I grew up there and have some fond memories of the very small town. While Ben and Benson took a nap, I ventured out and about the Tahoka roads to find some lovely treasures that only a small town can offer. I also haven't posted any pictures of Ben lately. So here is one of my recent favorites that was taken in Tahoka. I am trying to gather up pictures of all three of us individually to create a 9-8x8 canvas collage in our living room and this is one of them. img_5838b

Benson's  reflection through my grandmas screen doorimg_5828-copybwb

logo for a lumber companyimg_5874b

the antique store that is a bit of an antique itselfimg_5859bwb