First Look. Carrie and Barrett. New Mexico Wedding Photographer

Carrie and Barrett were married this weekend and they opted to see each other before the wedding. Why should the bride and groom see each other before the wedding you ask? Well rather than me tell you, let me share what all of my bride and grooms have told me. -You are much more relaxed. The day has barely started and when you opt to see each other before the ceremony, all of the stress and nervousness leaves your body and you are able to enjoy the day more. -The wedding and reception were in the same building and it is easiest to see each other before because then we can take all of the family pictures before the wedding  and we don't have to leave our guest waiting at the reception. -Seeing my future husband for the first time was still sweet and memorable. It was just the two of us and that made it more special. -All of the pictures are done before the wedding, including the wedding party. -We were able to hang out together before the ceremony started.

I think you can tell by looking at Carrie and Barrett's  face that they were excited to see each other...

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