Bid on a One-on One mentor session with Cristy Cross in the 2011 Thirst Relief Auction

*Update* Auction ends in 3 hours. Get your bids in!! Grow as a photographer while saving lives!

I'm participating in the 2011 ThirstRelief Mentor Auction. Our mission is to save lives by tapping into the incredible talent and generosity of the photo industry.

Did you know that every 15 seconds someone dies of a waterborne illness? That's 5760 people every day! You can help. Bid on a mentoring session with your favorite photographer!

100% of the proceeds directly benefit Thirst Relief. Add to that the incredible wisdom and talent that is being shared in the one-on-one mentor sessions and you have better and more successful photographers! It's truly a win win for everyone involved! About me and my mentor auction:

I am a portrait and wedding photographer, but first and foremost I am a wife and a mom and work from home. I enjoy being a mom as well as a photographer. I would love to mentor someone who is wanting to learn more about how to succeed a photography business while being a wife and a mom and even though I'm still learning how to do this myself, I can also provide knowledge on how to balance the two-personal life and a business. I graduated from Texas Tech University with a degree in photography. I have had my business for 4 1/2 years and God keeps showing me new things and blessing the business. The mentor session is a 1 hour session over the phone. The topics are yours so think of questions you want to discuss. They can be from where do you get your inspiration, to how do you run a photography business, to who I use for my products.

My mentor session will take place on the phone. Also included with my auction:

Included in your mentor session you will receive a Cristy Cross Photography t-shirt, a list of businesses I use, where I get my inspiration, and the my camera equipment. To bid on my auction, visit! bencristy