I need your vote, pritty please

Hey there friends and family.  I have entered to win a spot to Kelly Moores workshop she's having in January.  The winner is determined on how many votes you get.  The voting starts today and ends on Friday, November 13th at noon.  You are aloud to vote on as many computers as you can.  The voting system only takes one vote per computer so vote on all the computers you have at work and at home :) So, if you would like to vote for me (which I hope you will) please click here. Just look for my name and picture and click on the circle next to my name.  Then, scroll down to the bottom of the voting block and click VOTE!  I really want to thank you in advance for your vote and I will let you know if I win or not.  (hoping I do)  Pass this on to other friends and family that you think might want to vote for me too.  And give them a big hug for as to say thank you.


Imagine that I am giving YOU a big gigantic hug right now.  and if I see you in person I'll make sure to give you a real hug.  thank you thank you thank you.