Jon and Alicia.California Photographer

We went to Venice Beach for Jon and Alicia's couples session.  They were married Friday evening and had a small and intimate wedding and then I flew out and met up with them on Sunday for their couples session.  Jon was my youth intern for our youth group at church and Alicia and I grew up at the same church.  She was at one point my camp counselor :)  They are very special people in general, but hold a special place in my life, which to me makes them even more special.  I knew the time I had with them in California to take pictures was going to be fun and memorable mainly because Jon is so incredibly random and hilarious and Alicia is sweet and tender and laughs at everything Jon does.  They have been dating on and off since I was in 8th grade.  That was just about 14 years ago.  They were ment to be together and the time finally came for them to be joined as one, as Mr. and Mrs. Jon Matthews. One of the things Jon told me before I arrived in Cali was, "Venice Beach is full of dirty hippies and incense.  You'll love it."  hahahaha.  One of the highlights of Venice Beach for me was the skating park.  Not skateboard skating, but in line skating.  They had music turned up loud and anyone who wanted to could skate around, show of their tricks and just skate.  It was so cool.  Something you definitely don't see everyday.  I was very intrigued and wished I had a pair of skates and enough nerve to go out and join the other skaters.

Thanks Jon and Alicia for flying me out to see you and to be apart of your first days of marriage.  I hope you enjoy...

Oh, one more thing.  I was inspired by  Jeremy Cowarts work and wanted to try something new on this post.  Just something a little different than what I normally do.  Its fun to play outside of the box every now and then. And I can't forget to mention their dog, Mei Mei. She is 60 lb bulldog, wearing a very lovely tutu around her neck that some fellow friends of Jons made her. So sweet.