Kelsey.Senior.New Mexico Photographer

Kelsey is a sweet spirited girl. I did her session the day I found out my car had been broken into and my purse and keys were stolen. This all happened in the driveway of our new house in our "safe" neighborhood.I was distracted and flustered and just wanted to cry when I realized this had happened, and this was all going on as I was in the car driving (with spare keys) to Kelsey's house. Kelsey, her mom and sister were so sweet towards me and compassionate as I'm sure they could tell I was feeling a little fragile. It took me a bit to get out of my funk, but because of their sweet, tender hearts I was able to forget about it all for the moment I was with them. Thanks girls for a fun session that day. God provided the perfect group of people for me to be around that afternoon. This first one is of Kelsey and her sister :)