Lubbock Texas Family Shoot.Clovis Portrait Photographer

I am so blessed to have sweet friends like Aimee. She recently reminded me that I introduced her and her hubby back in college and I'm so glad I did, because now they have this wonderful little girl. They live in Austin so I don't get to see them much, but when I do its like we never skipped a beat. Aimee is so creative. I mean SO creative, and blessed with awesome talent. This girl works for FOSSIL, and recently made my fabulous Cristy Cross Photography tees. She is a wonderful wife, and mom and I love her dearly.So, for her session I wanted to do something creative, something I haven't done before. So I called the guy with the VW bus (as the owner calls it) and I new this would be perfect for her.  We went to the field across from the Windmill Museum for a forest look and parked the bus.  It fit my idea perfectly and Aimee and her family matched it so well. Thanks to Linda Schilberg for helping out that day and thanks to Bill-the owner of the bus for letting us use it.

Check out Aimee's blog, Olive and Pearl. You will find quirky handmade goods and ideas to inspire!