More from Lindsey and Kelby's Hill Country Wedding and the First Look

I have a wedding this weekend in Santa Fe, and the bride and groom will have their first look before the ceremony. A first look is where the bride and groom see each other for the first time before the ceremony with their wedding attire on and ready to go. The groom sees his soon-to-be wife, and he tears up. The bride stands their feeling so pretty for her soon-to-be husband and her heart is pounding out of her chest, because he is so handsome. It's just them. No audience. And they fall in love all over again. Lindsey and Kelby (below) did a first look for their wedding back in June. When this couple met, he used to always wear a bandana. Lindsey thought it only appropriate for Kelby to be blindfolded with a bandana for their first look. And it was so cute, and personal.

I can't wait for my Santa Fe bride and groom, Barbara and Ross's wedding the weekend. Pictures coming soon.