My little Batman

batmanandsunglasses I can just hear him laughing in excitement when he pulled the glasses from his sweet brownish, grayish, bluish eyes.

Benson loves his sunglasses his grandma pepmeyer gave him and loves to play peek-a-boo with them.  The thing I love about this little guy is he is so playful full of laughter and smiles and is compassionate and sensitive.  He is all of these things and still has a boys side.  He loves to throw things, anything he can get his hands on.  The ball, golf clubs, shoes, water bottles...whatever.  When he plays with kids his age, he pushes them to say, "lets go play."  I have to remind him to be gentle and not push over the sweet little girls.  He is a rough player, but a sweet little lover.  I love his slobbery kisses and how he pokes my eyes out and picks my nose and gives wet willies to my ear as he learns about different body parts.  Our little guys brain is growing and learning so much all the time and it makes our hearts smile and laugh in excitement.  We want him to grow and learn, and then again we want him to stay our little 18 month old boy.  He is now 30 lbs people!! Did you read that as the big 3-0!! Ya I think I pulled a muscle in my back this week actually.  He is almost three feet tall too.   Benson is spending this weekend in Lubbock with my parents, so that we can do a wedding here in Clovis.  I don't know what to do with myself.  I find that I have free time to do what ever I want, but I somehow can't seem to get Benson out of my head.  So after I did some headshots for Women's Medical Center, and prepwork for Christina and Jeff's wedding  I edited pictures I took of BB yesterday.  But I think tonight Ben and I might go to a movie! Whoo hoo!