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This morning I woke up in a [panic] because I remembered I wanted to update my Senior Music playlist. I don't know names of songs, or music artist and I was having a hard time thinking of great songs that make ya want to dance. Thanks for facebook because I had lots of people give their suggestions, creating a very fun and energetic playlist for my two H.S seniors today. Here are some from the playlist people suggested: Another One Bites the Dust-Queen Rapper's Delight-Sugarhill Gang Barracuda-Fergie Tik Tok-Ke$ha Down-Jay Sean According to You-Orianthi

Thank you so so much friends for your suggestions. First senior is Laura-beautiful girl and sweet family Second senior is Stephany-she is the senior who won the senior giveaway back in the fall. Another beautiful girl with a great dad and supporting boyfriend :)