Root Beer Milk-A Wedding Treat

Okay ya'll. For the first time ever, I tried root beer milk. I've never heard of it. I've had a root beer float, but never root beer milk. The wedding I shot this weekend was for a family who are dairy farmers. They raise cows for long-term production of milk.So what better treat to personalize your wedding with than root beer milk. I am now a fan. Have you ever tried it? I think it is more of a midwest thing, and you can purchase this at the grocery store all ready packaged. (In some areas), but not where I live) You can also find apple pie milk, orange creme milk, and cotton candy milk at the store. Craziness right? But oh so delicious.

Here is a simple recipe I found for you to try. Make sure everything is icy cold-because it's best that way (so I've been told) And make sure to use whole milk. If it isn't, the drink is to thin.

ROOT BEER MILK 1 cup root beer (not diet) 1/4 cup whol milk

Make sure ingredients are ice cold. Pour each ingredient in to a glass and stir, then drink :)

Whitney and Spencer's Lavender and Green Kansas Wedding taken by Clovis Wedding Photographer Cristy Cross_0002.jpg