Star of the Month

When I was in elementary we had "Star of the Week", for we were the Preston Smith Stars.  If ya want I can sing the song for you too.  Ben even knows the song because I sing it every now in then and it now sticks in his head :)  Holla holla "Star family".  You know your singing the song right now and sing it proud my friend. I've been thinking of how I can give notice to my wonderful clients who are also regular blog readers and commenters.  And the days of my childhood came to mind.  So, I am having a "Star of the Month" to showcase my wonderful clients.

How do you qualify to be a "Star of the Month"?

1. You have to be a client of mine.  If I've taken your picture, then you are a client.  If you want to be a "Star of the Month", but are not a client-then call me up and lets get somethin' set up :)

2. You must also comment on my blog, not facebook, but the blog  You can comment on any blog entry as many times as you want.  Don't be shy!

3. Ummm, I don't really have a number three but I feel like there should be one.  So #3 is, you have to love your life in some way or another because I'm going to ask fun questions, and I want to see your happiness shine through your answers.

My first "Star of the Month" is Katy Brack.  She is a sweetheart.  She is a friend, a client, and an awesome writer.  I enjoyed very much reading her answers.  I have taken family pictures for her with her immediate family  before she had a baby, and now I've taken pictures of her baby boy as a newborn and at 6 months old.