Star of the Month.Aimee

Aimee and I go way back. Way way back. We grew up together at church when we were elementary school age, were in each others weddings, and have been friends ever since. Now we get to watch each other grow as a family.I chose Aimee as the Star of the Month (or Star of every 3-months because I haven't done it in a while), because she has left tons of comments on my blog and she also inspires me and encourages me as a friend and as an artist. She too is quite the creative gal. She just recently stopped working as a handbag designer for Fossil to be a mommy to her and her husbands sweet baby girl.  The two purses I've carried for 2 years have been from her.  She also is a great illustrator with stationaries and press printed items.  She sews, screen prints, and decorates.  You can check out her blog here and stay up on the latest styles.