Clovis NM Portrait Photographer.Boys will Be Boys

Tuesday I had a session with a sweet 3 yr old boy. He was full of energy, had the cutest smile, and gave me hugs. I instantly fell in love with him, because he reminded me so much of my little Benson.I got three HUGE mosquito bites during this session too. If you live in this area, I am warning you the mosquitoes want to eat you alive so spray yourself with OFF. And I mean spray your entire body, because those little dudes got me in places I never thought they would :)

Here are my some favorites...

AIWL. part two. New Mexico Photographer

I have so many images from my Alice in Wonderland shoot I did two weeks ago. The best way for me to get these image rolling for you to see is to do them in parts.Let me first start off by saying everyone who helped rocked my socks off. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Check out part one here.

Models: Lexie Bonestroo and Jennifer Strebeck

Location: Clovis Floral and Greenhouse

Hair stylist: Julia Zarikta

Makeup artist: Shannon Book

Seamstress for skirts: Aimee Bruyninckx

Floral designer: Callie Parr (flowers provided by Clovis Floral and Greenhouse)

Bakers: Kerri Davis, Tara Rucker Bonestroo, Holly Burgin, Julia Zarikta, and Ms.Camps-thanks to Danica McAden

Decor furnished by: Debbie Merritt, Drew Merritt (owners of Underground Embassy)and Jan Garrett

helpers: Ali Garrett, Jan Garrett, Holly Burgin, Callie Parr, Tara Rucker Bonestroo, Myrna Weaver (my mom), Tanya Bennett, and, Ben and Benson.

Albuquerque, New Mexico family

I love visiting Albuquerque. We used to call it "home". We lived there for three years while Ben went to the University of New Mexico Law School. It is a beautiful city and I miss the scenery, but not so much the traffic. I sometimes crave bagels from Einstein's. And the thing I miss the most is the 5k trail around the Academy School. It brings back great memories of my quiet times with God as I pushed myself to run the entire 3.3 miles. I'll be honest though, I haven't done that in a very LONG LONG time. So, while we were in Albuquerque back in February I had a session with the Boyd family. They have a precious little girl who gets lots of love from her parents AND grandparents. Thats a baby who is loved :)