Clovis NM Wedding Photographer.Klisty and Duffy

Location: Underground Embassy-really awesome art gallery Clovis, NMCake: Kerri Davis Flowers/button bouquet: purchase Shoes: custom design by Converse Hair: Andi at Solutions Makeup: bride Catering: Sodexho Photographer: Cristy Cross Photography

9.11 Wedding for Military Couple.Amanda and Cody

This weekend was celebrated by family and friends for Amanda and Cody who are both in the Air Force.  He flew in the day before their wedding and there was no separating them.  It was really cute, because all Amanda could say about Cody was, "he's hot" and all Cody could was "she's hot!" hahaha.  He made her laugh constantly.  It was so cute and so sweet.  Here is the sneak peek. Can't you just see how excited they are!! This was after the ceremony, which was at Ute Lake (Logan, NM)


Cristy Cross Wedding Photographer. Lubbock TX.Brittany.Bride

Beautiful Brittany had her bridal session taken at the Watson Building in Lubbock, TX. It was a rainy day and the Watson Building people were so lovely to let us use their place!Brittany and Justin were married this weekend at Spirit Ranch in Lubbock so stayed tuned for a sneak peek! brittanys-birdal-session-by-wedding-photographer-cristy-cross-at-watson-building-lubbock-tx

Santa Fe New Mexico Wedding Photographer.Tara and Trevor

Trevor and Tara were married at La Posada Resort and Spa July 10, 2010, and it was a fun three days. One of the many events that were planned for the guest, family and wedding party  was a hot air balloon ride. It was so beautiful up there and we had the best pilots from Santa Fe Balloons.tara-and-trevor-at-la-posada-in-santa-fe-nm-taken-by-clovis-nm-wedding-photographer-cristy-cross3tara-and-trevor-at-la-posada-in-santa-fe-nm-taken-by-clovis-nm-wedding-photographer-cristy-cross2tara-and-trevor-at-la-posada-in-santa-fe-nm-taken-by-clovis-nm-wedding-photographer-cristy-cross

Santa Fe, NM Wedding.New Mexico Wedding Photographer

I'm downloading images from this weekends wedding in Santa Fe, NM of the beautiful Tara taken at La Posada Resort and SpaI mean LOOK AT HER!! Great story about her dress too. This was her grandma's dress, and then her mom wore it for her wedding. Now Tara is wearing it, with a few alterations and style tweeking. Tara Harris photographed in Santa Fe NM at La Posada Resort and Spa taken by New Mexico Wedding Photographer Cristy Cross

Clovis New Mexico Wedding Photographer.Klisty and Duffy.Married

Klisty and Duffy are all dressed up and ready to get married...or wait a minute, they ALREADY ARE! This wasn't just a wedding. It was filled with wonderful sweet moments and a few surprises here and there. One of those surprises was that Klisty and Duffy have been married for two years already! I don't think I could keep the secret. You two are awesome!Klisty and Duffys wedding taken by Clovis NM wedding photographer Cristy Cross at the Underground Embassy

Clovis New Mexico Wedding Photographer, Summer and Adam

For reals people, you WANT to get to know this couple. Summer and Adam were SO awesome. Summer couldn't stop laughing and smiling and Adam's eyes were glued to Summer's beautiful face. They were so adorable. I mean for reals, look at these two!Summer Jones and Adam Hilliard Engagement Portraits taken in Clovis NM by Wedding Photographer Cristy Cross

Lubbock, Texas Portrait Photographer. Alex

Alex is from Lubbock and came down today for her senior session. Here is one from her session. She is glowing and looks so stunning in this image. More favorites to share later. Thanks Alex for a fun morning!Lubbock, Texas 2010 senior

Renewed Love

Easter weekend was celebrated with lots of love, including Bob and Deb Lowrey's wedding on Saturday. Their wedding took place in the Sunken Garden at Hillcrest Park in Clovis, NM and it was one of the sweetest most meaningful weddings I've witnessed yet. I had to hold back my tears as I snapped away to capture all the sweet emotion that took place that day.Here is Bob and Deb before the wedding. I love how he looks at her and her response to him. Bob and Deb Lowrey wedding. Clovis, New Mexico

Texas and New Mexico Photographer

I had a very fun filled newborn session last Saturday in Amarillo, Tx. And yesterday I photographed the beautiful Jenna from Portales, NM.I am running a bit behind on my blog post people, but don't worry I will catch up. I hope these two lovely faces below will make you smile today.

Clients who make me happy

I have been blessed with great clients over the past 3 1/2 years I've been in business. My clients honestly have become friends of mine too. I have been thinking today about them (you) and they (you) put a smile on my face.A few things they have done that make me smile: Thank you letters in the mail: One girl sent me a thank you note that she had made. She loves to do scrap book stuff and and made me a beautiful card. I so appreciated her creativeness. Last year some sweet clients gave me a basket full of my favorite things, and I was totally blown away. It made me tear up. I was so thankful for them. Sweet letters from wedding clients Recently a client told me how excited her husband was AFTER the session. Yes, after! I love hearing that. He had so much fun with his family taking pictures that he looks forward to doing it again. I am NOT making this up either. Cross my heart. Another fun thing I love about my clients is I get to go to Zumba with them :) SO FUN! I love learning from my clients too. When I'm photographing them, I'm looking further into who they are as they connect with each other. When I see a deep connection, it makes me want to know them more and be apart of their family.

I might be rambling a little, but I was just thinking of you today and I wanted to say thanks for being wonderful clients and further more for your friendship. Have a blessed day my friends.

New Mexico and Texas Photographer-Music.Camera.Graduates

This morning I woke up in a [panic] because I remembered I wanted to update my Senior Music playlist. I don't know names of songs, or music artist and I was having a hard time thinking of great songs that make ya want to dance. Thanks for facebook because I had lots of people give their suggestions, creating a very fun and energetic playlist for my two H.S seniors today. Here are some from the playlist people suggested: Another One Bites the Dust-Queen Rapper's Delight-Sugarhill Gang Barracuda-Fergie Tik Tok-Ke$ha Down-Jay Sean According to You-Orianthi

Thank you so so much friends for your suggestions. First senior is Laura-beautiful girl and sweet family Second senior is Stephany-she is the senior who won the senior giveaway back in the fall. Another beautiful girl with a great dad and supporting boyfriend :)

Morris Family.Sneak Peek New Mexico Photographer

Yesterday I had an awesome family session. They brought hula-hoops and wiggled their hips. It was way fun! Mike (husband/dad) even said he had fun and never wants to go back to a studio with someone posing them again. I think I succeeded when you hear that comment coming from the dad :) Thanks Morris family. More later...

Sarah.McKinney, Tx Bride. Texas Photographer [full post]

The full post...Sarah's wedding theme was "vintage".  I think she created that beautifully with her dress, hair, jewelry and makeup. We went to Chestnut Square in McKinney, Tx for part of her bridal shoot.  We had Sarah's hair stylist with us and it was so nice.  She fixed Sarah's hair several different ways with different flowers in her hair.  I was spoiled having her there!  It made me  wish I had a stylist for ALL of my sessions.