Heritage Hills Oklahoma City Bridal Shoot.Kristen

Kristen and Jacob got married this weekend in Oklahoma. Congratulations to you two! A few weeks back I went up there for her bridal shoot and she took me to Heritage Hills. Gorgeous gorgeous homes!! Amazing architecture and a beautiful bride equaled to a fabulous shoot. Her dress was custom made and was perfectly fit for Kristen by a very crafty seamstress in Oklahoma.

Remember Kristen and Jacob's engagement session?

1920s inspired shoot featured on Wedding Chicks.Clovis Wedding Photographer

Kristen and Jacob's 1920s engagement shoot is featured on Wedding Chicks!!  Check it out here!Flowers: Forever Bloom Kristen did her hair and makeup, because she is so talented like that antique hat-- I collect hats white dress-- Forever 21 green dress-- was the skirt of an old dress

Brief history of barn/church-- The Moye Chapel was moved to its existing location in 1915. Land on which the church was originally built was owned by Dick Moye-hence the name, Moye Chapel. Dick Moye was an early sheriff of Curry County, New Mexico. He wore a handle bar mustache, a big black cowboy hat, with his pants tucked in his tall black boots. His picture is still int the sheriff's office of the Curry County Courthouse along with other early law officers. The Moye Chapel was used as a church and community social center but never a school. The church held many after church picnics, ice cream socials and singings. The chapel was moved to its existing location after being purchased for 300 dollars and then began being used as a hay barn. The old church was moved on iron wheel dollies about 18" high, 4 wheels on each dolly with 8 wheels on each side of the building. Four head of horses on the cable that ran block and tackle and four head of horses on the anchor wagon. Later a shed was built on the church barn out of an old dance hall and parts of old box cars. The old barn chapel has stood for many years and has been a popular subject for artists and photographers as well as still serving a useful purpose as a barn.