Winter Accessories

**Update: Here is the link to view the scarf on Danica's etsy site.

I am so lucky to have such a creative friend like Danica. She is the wonderful friend that knits the adorable hats for babies and little kids I posted about a few weeks back. Check her out here. So like I said, Danica is super creative and crafty and can knit like a mad woman. I saw a scarf I loved and told her about it and she was all, "I can do that" and I was all " are you serious? Can you make me one?" and she was all, "you got it!" So THEN I was all, "no way! I'm so excited!"  She also knitted a matching hat and they are so cute when worn together (hat picture coming in another post)  For Christmas I had her knit my mom one of the scarfs in green and purple and it too looks awesome. Thank you Jesus for my super awesome best friend and for giving her these wonderful talents. This is one of my most favorite accessories of 2010.

Oh, and who took this picture you ask? It was none other than Ben, my husband, and my second shooter-which is his second job:) He says he doesn't do very good, but he keeps surprising me each time he shoots with his creative wonders. I think he's got a future in becoming a life long photographer. img_5849blog