Give Me All The Food

My two passions have officially collided. Food and photography.

It’s no lie that we all love to eat. Am I right? Let me guess. Right now you are thinking of your favorite dish or dessert that makes you go into a far off land. haha

Lately, I’ve been diving into brand and commercial photography and several of my clients are food companies. Yay for me, because AFTER I take all the mouth watering pictures, I eat all the goodness. And sometimes I share with my family too. Let’s be honest, they love my new job too.

Food Photography For Freanna Yogurt with Cristy Cross Photography_0020.jpg
Food Photography For Freanna Yogurt with Cristy Cross Photography_0021.jpg

Who’s hungry? Is your mouth watering yet?

Food Photography For Freanna Yogurt with Cristy Cross Photography_0027.jpg
Food Photography For Freanna Yogurt with Cristy Cross Photography_0028.jpg

Food inspires me and I am so thrilled this adventure has crossed my path. Ask any of my friends and family, and they will tell you all I talk about is food. I’m even talking about lunch while eating breakfast!

When we are passionate about certain things in our lives, we put our whole heart behind it, and that is what I do here for each of my clients.

I’m also passionate about taking adventurous trips, yet I’ve been able to do that. So for now, I’m living vicariously through my friend Kris McNeil. I’ve met her through a group of other photographers and her work is phenomenal. Take a look at her blog post. She just went on a National Geographic trip you guys!!! How amazing is that? I would give my left kidney to do be a National Geographic photographer. That has always been a dream. Just wait. When you see her pictures you will fall in love with the landscape. I’m pretty sure if I witnessed her photos in person, I would cry. I would cry, because God is so amazing at all the things he creates.