Your Excuse Isn't Good Enough

Are you struggling with finding the time for family pictures?
I know it can be difficult fitting into everyone’s schedule.
Here are a few tips to help you move past that:
1. Schedule the appointment a month in advance to prepare your family.
2. Plan your outfits two weeks prior to the session. I provide all of my family sessions with an outfit guide for free to help you out with this.
3. Let your kids be a little crazier than usual during the session. This allows for genuine smiles.

Are you done with the excuses? Good, I’m glad to hear it. Take action now and let's get a date set. Click below to start the process.

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Testimonials from clients:

“That was so enjoyable. It was such a fun and relaxing experience. She is so easy to feel comfortable around. I couldn’t agree more.” -Schaap Family

“OMG yay!! Thank you Cristy. Love what you captured in the kiddos. Their little personalities came through so well and even how they interact with each other is just perfect. Such sweetness.” -Maggie

“You are the BEST!!! You have such a gift and are so experienced at your craft. You made me feel so much more at ease that I ever thought. I could. You are a gem Cristy.” -Darby

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2019 Family Sessions by Clovis, New Mexico photographer Cristy Cross_0004.jpg

It doesn’t take much for time to slip away from us. Before we know it, the day is over and tomorrow starts a new one.
And what does tomorrow bring? Busy-ness, to-do lists, work, school, baseball practice, piano lessons. The list goes on right?
Can we all just take a second. A second to breath and appreciate the things around us.
Cuddling on the couch with your kids, talking about random highlights of your day with your husband, sitting still on the porch and listening to silence.
Taking the time to sit in the presence of your family can feed your soul.
Taking the time to be photographed with your family in your home, cuddling on the couch, preparing dinner, baking cookies, playing with dolls, stuffed animals or cars...ya know, the normal everyday stuff.
Can I photograph that for you? The chaos, the calm, the tears, the smiles, the hugs, and all the stuff you would do when you are in down time with your family.
Those are the memories I know I want to cherish as a mom. Those are the things I’m going to think about when my boys, who are 7 and 11, go to high school one day.
Before we know it, time will slip away.

2019 Family Sessions by Clovis, New Mexico photographer Cristy Cross_0005.jpg

In other news, I want to introduce you to my friend Renee. She is an underwater photographer. Have you ever wanted to do maternity pictures…in the water? You will be blown away by her work. So beautiful and magical.