Clovis Portrait Photographer.DeGodt Family

This is my beautiful friend Adrienne, and her beautiful family. They live in California and I barely get to see her, so when we scheduled her session for last month I was very excited. Adrienne is one hot momma...please refrain from being jealous as you look at her family shoot below. They are all super models and don't take a bad picture. Seriously! I am proud to say I did about 5 % editing on these images. Majority of them are straight out of the camera (sooc)-for the photog peeps. This photo shoot was so sweet for me, because its was like shooting for family. Adrienne is one of my dearest, and bestest friends. We go way back, and have been through lots together. In my mind as I was shooting, all I could think was, "I want to give them something so memorable, so sweet, and something I would totally want for me and my boys."I love this family dearly and I am so excited for you to scroll down and see there family shoot.