Inspiration #2

I love natural images. What I mean by that is, an image that hasn't been put through several steps of post-processing.  They inspire me. As a photographer in the digital world it always seems we have to touch our images in post-processing, but the beauty of this image to me  is I added a touch of contrast and that's it. I was taught photography using film, and I love the simple beauty of it.  As I mentioned in my first Inspiration post, film inspires me. So, my goal as a photographer is to keep my digital photography simple and beautiful, just like film. Other things that have inspired me lately:

Our son.  When he feels like dancing he doesn't care who is around.  He just goes for it.

cooking-which I honestly haven't done in the pat week.  I think I'm in a funk.

Buying a great dress that gives me confidence, such as this one (with my gift card) What has inspired you lately?shannon-book-taken-by-clovis-portrait-photographer-cristy-cross2