Liam is 5 months old!

William, Liam, Lele, Wewe (the way Benson says it), love bug, sweet baby, Leaping Liam...these are just a few of his names he has gained in the last 5 months.He can sit up by himself for a few seconds, and then falls over, then spits up a little, because his tummy gets squished. He has been rolling over with little assistance and today my friends he did it ALL BY HIMSELF!!!! We were screaming with excitement. Squealing and gurggling are the ways he "talks" with us, and he carries a continuous smile. Liam loves to grab Benson's hair. It's sort of a game they play together. Cuddling, jumping in his bouncy, and crossing his legs while laying down are the many activities he does on a daily basis. He is LOVED like crazy by his brother, mommy and daddy. We just can't get enough of his sweet little face!