Margaret.New Mexico Senior Photographer

I've never met Margaret before, but as she got out of her car and we said hello I could feel her sweet energy and bubbly personality. A few fun things about her are; she loves to ride horses and used to be a barrel horse racer. And if she could make money scrapbooking for the rest of her life she'd do that.(I bet she could) She is graduating this year for NMSU and has plans for the future to be a business women but secretly would like to be outside riding her horse. I think she should find a job that allows her to be on her horse as she's doing her daily work. Wouldn't that be fun?I also had a goal to accomplish with her session. She told me she never likes pictures of herself, and I told her I'm going to change that. And she replied back, "thats why I chose you." So then my mind is thinking, okay-I really hope I get some great shots of her so she won't hesitate looking at her pictures. I took a round of pictures and as I'm looking at them I'm thinking these are beautiful so I had to show her. I handed her the camera a little nervously and her response made my heart happy. She loved it. She thought she looked beautiful and rightly so because she was just that-beautiful. She's a brave girl too. We saw this big 'ol snake skin and instantly my toes curled up and my body froze. She reassured me it was okay, and I believed her. And it was okay. Thankfully we didn't run into any snakes that day. Check out the snake skin below... Thanks Margaret for hiring me as your photographer. Have fun following your dreams.