Our NEW house

I am officially announcing we are moving! We are staying in Clovis, but moving to a brand new home for our family. This picture was taken back in the summer and the house looks nothing like it does now, but when I get a good picture of that I'll post it and let you see. This house came about all out of no where. We weren't planning on moving or looking for a house, but our friend showed Ben this house and then Ben showed me and Benson the house and our brain starting thinking. We thought maybe this could be our house. Just maybe. We prayed diligently for God's wisdom on this and asked for him to show us a sign if the house wasn't for us and if it was for us to bless it and keep things in his control. As the summer went on and we were picking paint color, cabinets and flooring things just kept moving right along. In the end God has blessed us with this new house that we were able to customize for our family and we weren't even looking. This house would not be ours if it weren't for God. He has blessed us and we will forever be grateful. Building a house has challenged us to be patient and faithful in Him. We watched this "baby" (the house) grow from the beginning and now it is going to hold our family in it. Blessed be the name of the Lord, bless it be His name. img_6221