Tricia's Maternity Shoot

Tricia is due in December and anyone who knows her and her family is so excited to meet this little baby. She is such a beautiful pregnant mamma.  Let me also add this makes 7 for her and her hubby, and her baby belly is so beautiful and perfect. I didn't see one stretch mark! Oh, and this also makes 7 boys! How does she stay so girly with all of those boys? :)You are a gorgeous mamma inside and out Tricia.

She also collects vintage baby items and has decorated the other baby rooms with the same theme. Some are handed down from family members and others were found in antique stores.

The green baby scale was her great uncles, but she bought it at an antique store in California.  She found out at the time of buying it that the scale was his, as he was a doctor, and there were two of them like this.  The other owner is John Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston. Crazy right!