Aimee, Mike and sweet Meryl.Dallas Photographer

Let me just say that I LOVE this family. Aimee is so sweet and dear to me. We grew up together in Texas, painting our toenails like water melons, going to church camp together, and crafting it up in the summer sewing shirts for the 4th of July.Back in November I was able to see Aimee, Mike and Meryl (meeting Meryl for the first time). And I had the pleasure of photographing their family for two days. I LOVED it. I just hung out with them and had my camera with me to snap shots in a laid back atmosphere. While Meryl selpt, Aimee and I went to Anthropologie twice. And THEN, Mike made us a very delicious breakfast. Can you say monkey bread! Oh it was so so so good :)

Take a look at the mobile Aimee made for Meryl's room. Everything Aimee touches turns to a fabulous peice of creativeness. She and her sister are some of the most creative people I know ;)