Lubbock TX Portrait Photographer.McAden Family and my best friend

Last weekend I went to Lubbock and I photographed my best friend, Danica and her beautiful family. And then I had to snag some images of Danica by herself, because she just looked too gorgeous not to. Just to let ya know-I do travel to Lubbock for sessions ALL the time. And there is no travel fee. So...If you want a session for you Lubbock peeps, just let me know!


Clovis NM Portrait Photographer.Sweet Caroline

Shannon and Ronnie have been blessed with a sweet baby girl named Caroline, and I think their hearts are about to explode with love for her.

Clovis NM Portrait Photographer.The Burgin Family

We were trying to decide where to go for there session, and Holly mentioned her parents house out in the country. As she described the surroundings where they lived I thought it was the perfect place. I knew we were going to the country, but not sure how far so I didn't bother to fill up my car with gas even when the low-light came on. Well, we drove about 25 miles or so (might be wrong on that) to her parents house and I was getting very nervous. I didn't think I would make it back and thanks to her sweet dad, he filled my car up with gas he had for his farm equipment. Thank you thank you thank you!! Maybe I should carry a gallon of gas around with me just in case. Or I could fill my car up next time I take an adventure out in the country :)On to the session... Holly and Jeremy scheduled there session with me months ago, so this session has been something I've looked forward to for a while. They are expecting child number 2 in August also so we did maternity shots as well as family.  The first image was a favorite, because they all have great smiles.  Real smiles. And  Holly has a gorgeous smile that I think she should be famous for.  I LOVE the last one of Jeremy playing with their little girl, and Holly looking on, again with that smile.   It was a total accident that he was in focus, too. I'm not gonna lie. Thankfully I just panned with his movement and got a great shot of the action filled evening with their 2 1/2 year old daughter. I think she and Benson would have lots of fun. Thanks Burgin family for a lovely evening.

AIWL. part two. New Mexico Photographer

I have so many images from my Alice in Wonderland shoot I did two weeks ago. The best way for me to get these image rolling for you to see is to do them in parts.Let me first start off by saying everyone who helped rocked my socks off. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Check out part one here.

Models: Lexie Bonestroo and Jennifer Strebeck

Location: Clovis Floral and Greenhouse

Hair stylist: Julia Zarikta

Makeup artist: Shannon Book

Seamstress for skirts: Aimee Bruyninckx

Floral designer: Callie Parr (flowers provided by Clovis Floral and Greenhouse)

Bakers: Kerri Davis, Tara Rucker Bonestroo, Holly Burgin, Julia Zarikta, and Ms.Camps-thanks to Danica McAden

Decor furnished by: Debbie Merritt, Drew Merritt (owners of Underground Embassy)and Jan Garrett

helpers: Ali Garrett, Jan Garrett, Holly Burgin, Callie Parr, Tara Rucker Bonestroo, Myrna Weaver (my mom), Tanya Bennett, and, Ben and Benson.

Lubbock, Texas Portrait Photographer. Alex

Alex is from Lubbock and came down today for her senior session. Here is one from her session. She is glowing and looks so stunning in this image. More favorites to share later. Thanks Alex for a fun morning!Lubbock, Texas 2010 senior

Lubbock, Texas Portrait Photographer.Newborn Baby

I photographed the sweet Gwinn family back in March and their new addition to the family, little Zander. I have gotten to know this family a bit through my mom while we were working on a book she is trying to get published. The Gwinn family is also apart of the Experience Life church in Lubbock and Brandon is the worship leader. God has blessed this sweet family with awesome talent and adorable children. Thanks Gwinn family for letting me be apart of your day.

Lubbock, Texas Portrait Photographer and New Mexico Portrait Photographer

Saturday I hung out with the McWilliams family. This is a super sweet family I met at Byron and Lindsay's wedding back in August.  Lauren (below) is Byron's sister.  It was nice seeing Lindsay and Sassy too!McWilliams family Lubbock Texas, portrait session

Let me just say if I looked like this when I was a senior, or even now, then I would be living on cloud 9.  I would first have to get a tan though :)  This beautiful girl is drop dead gorgeous.  And ya know what she told me?  She said she wasn't very photogenic!  Say what!!  I am gonna strongly disagree with that one.Clovis NM 2010 senior

Tiffani.2010 Senior.New Mexico Photographer

I am loving all of these senior sessions. Tiffani you are beautiful. Know it, and own it :)

Graduation H.S Senior Cards

It is time to order senior cards. These can be used for your announcements or graduation party. I have several options to choose from for guys and girls. Cards start at $60 for a pack of 25 Flat cards with front and back Available in semi-gloss or recycled paper

If you are interested, contact me and I'll get you more details. 575.219.9312

New Mexico Photographer.Laura-Senior 2010

Senior sessions are by far one of my most favorites. I'm just sayin'. Laura's family came along for her senior session, and I loved that. I love it when the family keeps it real and gives support. We did her session in good 'ol Farwell, Tx. I love that little town :)Here are the favorites from her session...

Texas and New Mexico Photographer

I had a very fun filled newborn session last Saturday in Amarillo, Tx. And yesterday I photographed the beautiful Jenna from Portales, NM.I am running a bit behind on my blog post people, but don't worry I will catch up. I hope these two lovely faces below will make you smile today.

New Mexico Photographer.Jacob

Jacob is one stylish boy, thanks to his sweet and beautiful momma. This sweet family drove in from Hereford, Texas for his one year birthday pictures. We of course had crazy wind, but because Jacob is so awesome he didn't seem to care. He has grown quite a bit too from the last time I photographed him.

Clients who make me happy

I have been blessed with great clients over the past 3 1/2 years I've been in business. My clients honestly have become friends of mine too. I have been thinking today about them (you) and they (you) put a smile on my face.A few things they have done that make me smile: Thank you letters in the mail: One girl sent me a thank you note that she had made. She loves to do scrap book stuff and and made me a beautiful card. I so appreciated her creativeness. Last year some sweet clients gave me a basket full of my favorite things, and I was totally blown away. It made me tear up. I was so thankful for them. Sweet letters from wedding clients Recently a client told me how excited her husband was AFTER the session. Yes, after! I love hearing that. He had so much fun with his family taking pictures that he looks forward to doing it again. I am NOT making this up either. Cross my heart. Another fun thing I love about my clients is I get to go to Zumba with them :) SO FUN! I love learning from my clients too. When I'm photographing them, I'm looking further into who they are as they connect with each other. When I see a deep connection, it makes me want to know them more and be apart of their family.

I might be rambling a little, but I was just thinking of you today and I wanted to say thanks for being wonderful clients and further more for your friendship. Have a blessed day my friends.

New Mexico and Texas Photographer-Music.Camera.Graduates

This morning I woke up in a [panic] because I remembered I wanted to update my Senior Music playlist. I don't know names of songs, or music artist and I was having a hard time thinking of great songs that make ya want to dance. Thanks for facebook because I had lots of people give their suggestions, creating a very fun and energetic playlist for my two H.S seniors today. Here are some from the playlist people suggested: Another One Bites the Dust-Queen Rapper's Delight-Sugarhill Gang Barracuda-Fergie Tik Tok-Ke$ha Down-Jay Sean According to You-Orianthi

Thank you so so much friends for your suggestions. First senior is Laura-beautiful girl and sweet family Second senior is Stephany-she is the senior who won the senior giveaway back in the fall. Another beautiful girl with a great dad and supporting boyfriend :)

Cristy Cross Photography [website]

Today while Benson has been sleeping, I have gone through some of my family, kids, babies, and maternity sessions to update my portrait website.Go check it out! You might be on there if I've done a session for you!

And yesterday I had a session with one of the sweetest little boys.  He would hug on me and climb up in my lap while I was taking his pictures.  Such a sweet heart.  He reminded me of my little BB.

Sarah.McKinney, Tx Bride. Texas Photographer [full post]

The full post...Sarah's wedding theme was "vintage".  I think she created that beautifully with her dress, hair, jewelry and makeup. We went to Chestnut Square in McKinney, Tx for part of her bridal shoot.  We had Sarah's hair stylist with us and it was so nice.  She fixed Sarah's hair several different ways with different flowers in her hair.  I was spoiled having her there!  It made me  wish I had a stylist for ALL of my sessions.