Blessed by Seven.New Mexico Photographer

From Thursday to Sunday I had seven sessions. All were wonderful and not one the same, which I love. Gotta keep it different for my viewers ya know.This is a quick post. I will post more of each of these sessions this month. Newborn Session...Kylen.  Such a beautiful face. es_8502cblog Actkinson Family...the stylish bunch ra_8634cblog The Osburn Family...our adorable neighbors so_9003cblog The Douma' entertainment for the morning :) (thanks to Bryce-well you can't tell in this picture, but he is a funny little dude) ad_9309cblog Jacob at 9 months...Mr. Happy Baby (this image was taken towards the end of the session.  He was being cuddly and I loved it) rt_9606cblog Maternity session for Mecca...gorgeous momma md_9674cblog The Tul's...stud muffin bunch and one hot momma tt_9851blog

I enjoyed each and every one of my sessions this week. Thanks for the new friendships and for an awesome time. I am so blessed to have clients and friends like all of you.