Cameron and Tayley.New Mexico Wedding Photographer

This evening was so much fun.  First of all, I got to ride in a helicopter.  Secondly, I hung out with Cameron and Tayley on a dried up lake bed, and take pictures non-stop of this lovey dovey couple.  Thirdly, I got to fly the helicopter.  I think I need a handle now.  I was thinking of going with "Shooter".  What do ya think?  What else could my handle name be? Did I mention I got to fly a helicopter?  A Bell 212 that is :)  Don't worry folks, pilot Dave was right there beside me, watching my every move to make sure I was flying properly.

This is one of the favorites from the first part of the session.  We flew to  such an awesome place.  Thanks Dave and Cameron for getting us there :)

I think this should be a massive 40x60 canvas on their wall.

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