Dusty and Jay's Super Sweet Spring Couples Photoshoot and Workshop

Last Saturday I gave a one-on-one workshop with Leah Burgett. We talked about specific questions she had with posing, lighting, and composition and then we got to photograph this cute couple, Dusty and Jay. The one thing I didn't do and wish I would have was to take a picture of Leah. She looked beautiful that day!

If you are a interested in a one-one-one workshop, contact me at cristy@cristycross.com

This was my first time doing a workshop and I really enjoyed it. I was so humbled when Leah asked if I would do one. I enjoyed sharing my knowledge I've learned over the past 12 years I've been doing photography since attending and graduating from Texas Tech with my photography degree, and then the knowledge I've learned from having my own business the last 5 1/2 years. Not only do I want to teach others, but while I did this with Leah I also learned some great information myself.

Thanks Leah for contacting me and wanting to do this. It was so much fun. And thanks Dusty and Jay for being available to be models. You did perfect! I love how much you laughed, and smiled. It makes me smile when I look through your pictures :)