I think I turned into a foodie

What is a foodie anyway?A foodie seeks new food experiences as a hobby rather than simply eating out for convenience or hunger. A person who has a refined interest in food.

I really love to cook. I find it so interesting how different types of food paired together can be so wonderful, not to mention it is relaxing.

By cooking all of these meals, my kids, husband and I have all been eating way more veggies as apart of our everyday meals.  And I promise you, they really do taste good.

Here are some of my creations since May. Food by Cristy_0002.jpg Food by Cristy_0003.jpg Food by Cristy_0004.jpg Food by Cristy_0005.jpg Food by Cristy_0006.jpg Food by Cristy_0007.jpg Food by Cristy_0008.jpg Food by Cristy_0009.jpg Food by Cristy_0010.jpg