Woodland Fairytale spin on Cake Pops.Clovis Wedding Photographer

Ya know those cute cake pops from Starbucks? Well, a couple of years ago my friend introduced me to cake balls, or as we called them "baby cakes". They are this yummy goodness rolled up into a tiny little ball full of flavor. So delicious, and so sweet. And they are exactly like the cake pops, but with a stick, and since they are such a craze right now, I wanted to try and make them myself. I also gathered my ideas from Family Circle magazine. They had the cutest ideas to decorate a woodland fairytale birthday party. One of the ideas was red frosted cupcakes with white candies on top to look like a little mushroom. And since I wanted to make cake pops, and loved the woodland idea, I decided to mesh them together.

Cake Pops are good for: bridal/wedding showers family and friends with sweet tooth baby showers kids Easter party Sunday School birthday parties

Here is the recipe I followed.


clovis-portrait-photographer_cake-pops3 clovis-portrait-photographer_cake-pops clovis-portrait-photographer_cake-pops4 Purchased lollipop sticks at Hobby Lobby (Michael's or other craft store) clovis-portrait-photographer_cake-pops2 Purchased chocolate colored wafers (red-no food coloring necessary) at Hobby Lobby (Michael's or other craft store) clovis-portrait-photographer_cake-pops5 clovis-portrait-photographer_cake-pops6